Back up camera

Back up camera

I understand, after talking to a Tesla rep on the phone that even though I did not opt for the Tech package, my Model S will come with a back-up camera, just not a high resolution camera. Will it be possible to buy a high res camera and install or have it installed on my car after I take delivery?

stevenmaifert | January 25, 2013

My MS was the first non-Tech package my DS had delivered. He said he couldn't tell the difference. It's a clear picture with decent low light sensitivity. Don't know about an aftermarket HD retrofit, but once you see the SD, you might be happy with it.

Brian H | January 25, 2013

No one's tried, AFAIK, but it's probably a simple technical switch, but may be "locked in" as part of the tech package. Call Ownership and ask.

Are you sure you'll need the Hi Def? Ask around from people who have the standard def. I think most find it pretty satisfactory.

olanmills | January 29, 2013

Camera hardware is one thing. Then what ever receives the video signal has to be capable of receiving the higher resolution video and also the software could virtually "lock out" HD video signal as well.

hfcolvin | January 29, 2013

You may be able to upgrade the HD camera but you'll still need the audio package for the 7:1 Dolby surround .