Bespoke upholstery

Bespoke upholstery

I am about to confirm my spec for a P85 but don;t really like the look or durability of the factory leather. I know it is all subjective but I was wondering if anyone has had the interior refitted with bespoke leather - nothing outrageous planned - just nicer (imo). Any ideas/photos/experiences appreciated. | March 21, 2014

The OP asked about custom leather, not floor mats or painted seatbacks.

Question for the OP: why do you question the "durability" of the factory leather if you don't even have a car yet? Do you have information that Tesla's leather is less durable than that provided by a bespoke outfitter?

NKYTA | March 21, 2014

I've had the car for 15 months now, ~11K miles, no perceptible wear on my leather. Don't use the back seats much though.

B-pillar wear, that's a different story. Still waiting for Tesla to come up with a plastic/chrome cover solution - meanwhile getting by with clear nail polish for added protection.

Kmeand | March 21, 2014

The leather in any showroom car I have seen looks slightly stretched and saggy. The B pillar troubles me too but generally I am used to a very different type of seat (German or Italian cars mostly) - I realise many people like/accept the seats but I think they let the rest of the car down. | March 21, 2014

The showroom cars get quite a bit of abuse. I suspect at least ten times the wear of an owner's car. Part of this is they only have 1-2 showroom cars, and I often see lots of kids climbing all over them.

Compare this with most dealers who have 5-10 models to show and many of their nicest cars are locked up and only available to access on request or they sit you in a car on the lot. Far more people enjoy going to the no-sales hassle Tesla dealer even to just look and try it on for size. Most people only go to a dealer when they have to.

After 14 months, 13K miles, the leather still looks great in my car.