Bluetooth Problems?

Bluetooth Problems?

Is anyone having trouble with their Bluetooth? I have an iPhone. Just downloaded the latest operating system updates. Even downloaded the remote Tesla App. Oddly, my phone works just fine in my 2012 BMW X5...bluetooth is great. But I can't get my MS to recognize the phone?! The same problem was occurring when I picked up the car, but we quickly surmised that my phone had an old operating system, and was probably just in need of an update. Even at that point, I interjected that the phone worked fine for my X5, so it seemed strange that the MS was having a problem. So now I've upgraded, and am still having connectivity issues. I've tried to reboot, turn on/off, etc. Can anyone provide any insight?
Incidentally, still, by far, the greatest car I've ever driven!!!!!!

jtwxlii | September 13, 2015

My Nexus 6 with the latest software seems to have a terribly weak BT signal as it drops out all the time while streaming audio...seems to be an antenna issue since when I grab the phone it stops dropping out. Anyone else have similar issues? It seems to be new. Also seems to minimize after a reboot of the screen. | September 13, 2015

Bluetooth is on the same band as WiFi, Drones, Microwaves, cordless phones and countless other devices. It may be an interference problem, or the Nexus antenna is against some metal object. Check if the problem occurs at one location (likely interference). If it works fine if you lay the Nexus in the passenger seat it's likely an antenna placement issue.