CA gives Tesla $10m for Model X production

CA gives Tesla $10m for Model X production

vperl | March 2, 2016

Nick, I read that years and years ago.

Like after 10 October 2012..

Not new news, but the group here is years behind in Tesla information. Seems they have trouble reading the Tesla folks put on the web site. Many, are research handicapped, they cannot Google or search the Tesla site for answers.

Reeducation camps might work, contact your local California politician for instructions.

NumberOne | March 2, 2016

vperl I am going to have to fill out that for on you. Here I thought there was a new post, meanwhile someone just dug an old post from the grave.

Red Sage ca us | March 2, 2016

Unfortunately, the 'New Posts' function appears to remain broken after the hiatus.

vperl | March 3, 2016

Yes, hope olde Nick forgives me.

His videos stopped, am big fan of his....