Car Charging Group to Integrate Tesla EV Charging Technology into Blink Network

Car Charging Group to Integrate Tesla EV Charging Technology into Blink Network

It will be interesting to see the nitty gritty details of this plan. Does anyone have insights?

plusplusjames | July 7, 2014

Generally, I've had it with broken ChargePoint, Blink, or GE Wattstation EV chargers.

Sounds very nice, but apparently maintenance of these things is a bear.

Bighorn | July 7, 2014

I saw that a couple weeks ago and my thoughts went to them offering a CHAdeMO to Tesla adapter option.

Captain_Zap | July 7, 2014


That is one of the things I was wondering about. The inconsistency of charging rates, fees and maintenance has alienated many customers.

Sometimes the charge is by time, charging or not. Sometimes its a flat rate. Sometimes the fee is outrageous for the amount of energy you get. You don't know what you are going to get until you commit. What to do?

It seems like there needs to be a EV charging summit to get everyone on the same page.

AtlantaCourier | July 7, 2014

It seems to me that any such system should be built around a Tesla Supercharger which can also switch to CHAdeMO and Level 2 mode.

There'd also have to be some sort of fool-proof accommodation for the different adapters.

Also, CarCharging Group CEO Michael Farkas has said they prefer to charge by the kilowatt-hour where possible and that they lobby "anyone who'll listen" to that effect.

NKYTA | July 7, 2014

I've had success with Chargepoint so far (only a handful of times), but after some reports I think I'll stay away from Blink until they come of age in their new incarnation.

AndyO | July 7, 2014

As an owner who can't drive north (Atlanta) or west from Fla I am interested in some of these new options. What if Bing or Chargepoint just cut a deal for a bunch of CHAdeMO adapters if they ever get built? Hopefully if Tifton, Ga, is completed this week I'll have one of my two paths solved. I'd still like to get to the Texas triangle without multiple nights on the road charging at low rates.

stevenmaifert | July 7, 2014

I think what we'll see is the integration of a Tesla connector and appropriate software into current and future non-Tesla DCQCs. Probably won't be Supercharger fast, but 40-45kW is far better than existing L2 6-7kW chargers. | July 7, 2014

I regularly use ChargePoint in the Bay Area with only one problem, and that was because the charger was not online yet. IIRC, the property owner sets the fee schedule, which is why you get such discrepancies from location to location.