Center console on european version

Center console on european version

According to the salesperson i spoke to at the norwegian Tesla-showroom the details of the european version of Model S will be published before March, but what they know is that the seats will be more "bucket-seats", and there will be a more traditional center-console between the seats (not the open leg room as in the US version). Has anyone seen any pictures or descriptions of this?

kbrianth | January 9, 2013

I visited the Oslo Telsa showroom last saturday and also mentioned the lack of comparent room on the doors, no cupholders in back seats nor centre console in front or part as an integrated part of the mid back seat with the ability to have ski's in the car. I also asked a about a hat shelf in the trunk. The answer I got back was that many people in Norway have taken these issues up and that it could possibly mean that european models may add these features in the future if the demand was there, but I did'nt see the response as a planned option or commitment.

bobinfla | January 9, 2013

Now wait a minute. I thought that people in US lived in their cars and needed storage for all that "stuff" that we need to carry with us at all times (plus cup holders to hold a few Big Gulps), but that sensible Europeans used their vehicles for transportation and didn't need all those extraneous nooks, crannies, pockets and cup holders. Does Tesla have this backwards?

jkirkebo | January 9, 2013

I don't mind an option for a traditional console, but I'd rather have the open room thanks. And the same goes for the shelf over the trunk, I'd rather it be optional as I don't need more things to store permanently.

If they want to make more changes to the EU model, might I suggest something that quite a few people have requested: A hitch and an ample towing capacity rating (the Lexus GS450h is rated for 3300lbs).

prash.saka | January 9, 2013

@bobinfla ... funny. May be, Tesla is bringing the world closer together, one cup holder at a time.

~ Prash.

Brian H | January 9, 2013

I think Norwegians are (necessarily) more prone to long road trips than most Continentals. Priorities are different.

ms norway | January 10, 2013

The Tesla-salesperson said that the only differences planned were the seats and the center console (and something with the charger that I didnt understand).

bobinfla: The US version of the center console should include a burger heater, 9 cooled cup holders and a chocolate fountain.

PS: I want the US version then.

vouteb | January 10, 2013

with the burger heater also a stronger suspension!


Dusty | January 10, 2013

IMO, they have to change the seats for europe!
You can't advertise a car only by it's power and the 0-100 time, and then sell it with seats with almost ZERO lateral support! I was very disappointed when I sat in the MS in Zurich...
Every compact car for 1/3 of its price has sportier seats!

vouteb | January 10, 2013

and parking sensors!!

jeroens | January 10, 2013

vouteb: +1

Runar | January 10, 2013

I also want the US seats and without center consol.
No need to change anything for europe IMO.

This will fit my needs the most, dont want a center consol messing up the interior.


bobinfla | January 10, 2013

@Ms Norway - Exactly. My current car comes with two seats and four cupholders, perfect ratio, so could need 10 for the Model S. Now if only they were refrigerated cupholders.......

Brian H | January 10, 2013

No, ½ must be heated. Rimmed blue for cold, red for hot so you don't get them confused!

GeirT | January 11, 2013

I want a center console for the knickknack!

But even more so - I want my P85! Can anyone look into the crystal ball and tell me when we can expect the big shipment of cars from California?

Btw, with #2145 I guess I am pretty far back in line....