Center display frozen - reset options?

Center display frozen - reset options?

After 4 days of usage, my center display is frozen and I can't figure out a way to reset it. I already found the hint about pressing both of the top buttons on the steering wheel but that resets the main display / instrument cluster, not the center display.

Any ideas?

Captain_Zap | October 21, 2012

They have shared this information at
Their forums are searchable.

MB3 | October 21, 2012

If I recall you need to press and hold both the left and right scrolls.

shishir | October 21, 2012

All I could find is how to reboot the instrument cluster not the center display:

Could you point me to something else?

Captain_Zap | October 21, 2012

I think I found it:

"I learned something cool today.

How do you reset the main display if it locks up?
Press and hold both steering wheel buttons simultaneously to reset/reboot the main display."

shishir | October 21, 2012

Found it: hold both scroll wheel buttons down resets the center panel, hold both top buttons down resets the main display.


BYT | October 21, 2012

Sorry, didn't see the double post.

haroldbones1 | January 24, 2016

I fell upon this by accident. It was a little troubling because I couldn't get my car in 'gear' to start!

Jcollins | January 24, 2016

After ten months of ownership, this happened to me this week for the first time. Called the Decatur, GA service center and they walked me through the process (Simultaneously press and hold the two scroll wheels for 10 seconds then press and hold the two buttons above the scroll wheels for 15 seconds.) Everything is fine now. Interestingly, their advice was to proactively go through this process at least once a month whether or not you have a problem. Are any others doing thst now and, if so, do you feel it helps?

TSLAev | January 24, 2016

Center console freezes necessitating reboots seem to be occurring more frequently after the 7.1 update. Has anyone else noticed this?

Innkeep | January 24, 2016

My instrument cluster was black when I got in the car tonight. 17" screen was fine. I rebooted both screens, the message I got was "Model S is powering up. Step on brake when this message disappears" or something like that. I did, and it was fine on the trip home. I was parked in 32 degree weather for 90 minutes. I will update if Tessie misbehaves tomorrow. I'm a little reassured that it may be a 7.1 issue.

2014 S85, RWD no autopilot 12000 mi

It's easier to reboot Tessie than my laptop!

SnowFlake | January 24, 2016

Center screen freezes when it lost the connection to internet, and especially plugshare is open in the browser and Navigation also enabled. otherwise it works fine for me.