Charging Adapters

Charging Adapters

What charging adapters should we purchase for our new Tesla Model S ? And what will they cost us? I believe we receive an adapter for 110V 12A and one other with our car. Most of us will also chose the NEMA 14-50 for the new 50 amp circuit we are installing in our garage.
The J1772 for most US Public locations could be useful.
The Sun Country evCHARGER CS-90 appears to be relatively universal in Canada.
My son has an older 240V 30A Dryer in his Garage. So may need a NEMA 10-30.
In order to take advantage of the Tesla Roadster charging stations will we need a Tesla Roadster adapter?
Im sure there are more. What are your thoughts>

mlowenhaupt | January 19, 2013

Mine came with the 110, NEMA 14-50 and a J1772 in a nice bag with the Connector. You are also all set for the Supercharger stations. Have your son buy the 10-30 if you plan to charge there or just buy or build a 10-30 to 14-50 converter (Home Depot) and turn down the charging juice to 24 Amps on the big screen.

DouglasR | January 19, 2013

As mentioned, you will get the 110 and J1772, and will probably want to select the NEMA 14-50 with the car. My understanding, however, is that very few of the other adapters are actually available -- probably only the NEMA 6-50, which won't work for the dryer. Note also that you will need twin chargers to take full advantage of the Sun Country CS-90 network.

J King | January 19, 2013

@mlowenhaupt. Tried that it did not work. The mobil connector would not even recognize that it was plugged in when the 14-50 adaptor was connected via theird party adaptor to the 10-30 outlet. Yes the 10-30 was live, tested with a volt meter. That meant that the car never recognized that it was connected to a power source, since the mobile connector never passed the OK signal to the car connection end of the mobile connector. I am trying to get Tesla to say why. SO far, the response from Tesla is not in alignment with the observed facts.

jat | January 19, 2013

@JKing - the NEMA 10-30 receptacle has only neutral and the two hot phases. The NEMA 14-50 plug you are adapting it to also has ground, and the car only cares about ground and the two hot phases (as it has no 120V lead). If the 10-30 receptacle goes straight to your main breaker panel, the neutral and ground are bonded there. Thus, you can wire the ground on the 14-50 receptacle for your adapter to the neutral on the 10-30 plug -- NOTE: this is only safe because of how the car uses the connection, and you should label it for use with the car only. This will also not pass code.

My guess is that your third-party adapter wires neutral on the 14-50 to neutral on the 10-30 and leaves ground unconnected, and that isn't going to work for the car. You can check and see if there is continuity between the ground and neutral pins of the adapter while it is plugged in. Don't try this if you don't know what you are doing as it is dangerous.

PatT | January 21, 2013

Has anybody located a Tesla Roadster adabpter? Their web site shows all of the common adapters but not that one. Roadster charging stations can supply 70 amps and if your MS has twin chargers, that would be almost as good as plugging into HCWC.

DouglasR | January 21, 2013

Roadster adapters are quite scarce. I have had several people at TM tell me that they would be sold only to Roadster owners. Price: $650.

Brian H | January 21, 2013

Duplicate post. Please don't. Only Roadster owners can buy them.

jandkw | January 22, 2013

My MS will be coming in February and I'll have my electrician install the 14-50 outlet next week. I also on the waiting list of the Plugged-in Pilot with my local utility company to do their EV study program which they will install the 1772 Wall Unit. I am assuming I don't need any additional adapter to charge my MS, correct?
1772 + 14-50 for charging?

nickjhowe | January 22, 2013

@jandkw - you need 1772 or 14-50. 14-50 will give you 30 miles per hour charge at 240V and 40A. Its your call whether you think it is getting a home 1772 unit. For most people 14-50 is adequate. For public 1772 chargers it is unusual to be able to pull as much as you can with a 14-50

jandkw | January 22, 2013

Thanks, nickjhowe. I want the 1772 unit only because it is a free unit plus free installation which I couldn't refuse. Once the pilot program is over in a year, it is for me to keep. Since I am on the waiting list and they have no guarantee if I can get it so I still install the 14-50 outlet for now. My question is really about the adapter, should I attach the 1772 cable with the 14-50 adapter can come with the MS?

stevenmaifert | January 22, 2013

@jandkw - The 14-50 adapter is used at the receptacle end of the UMC for plugging it into your 14-50 outlet. The plug end of the UMC plugs directly into the charge port of MS. The J1772 adapter is not used with the UMC. It will be used with your pilot program charger. The receptacle side of that adapter takes the J1772 plug from your charger, the other side plugs into the charge port receptacle on MS:

KnutNorway | January 22, 2013

What I am curious about is: will Tesla make a CHAdeMO adapter? I've heard and read both that they will and that they will not. Does anyone have reliable information on this? This is a key question for me and I believe for many other reservation holders.

stevenmaifert | January 22, 2013

@KnutNorway - Green Car Reports that Tesla is planning a CHAdeMO adapter for the Japan market, although I have seen no confirmation from Tesla:

If it is true, it would be nice if TM made the adapter and software available to the North American and European markets too if the car's hardware can support it. Not as fast as a Supercharger, but one more opportunity to charge. I like flexibility :)

nickjhowe | January 22, 2013

When TM when to Japan they announced they WOULD provide a CHAdeMO adapter there. Nothing was said about availability in the rest of the world...

crazybrit | November 8, 2013

They are showing the CHAdeMO adapter as available in the store. A steep $1000.

Alex K | November 8, 2013 | NOVEMBER 8, 2013: They are showing the CHAdeMO adapter as available in the store. A steep $1000.

Old news and the adapter is "Coming Soon" - not quite available yet: CHAdeMO Adapter Coming This Winter

Rheumboy | December 11, 2013

Is there an after market extension cord for a supercharger to get around an ICE car hogging a SC slot?

DonS | December 11, 2013

No such extension cord exists. If it did, it would be very heavy. Also, Tesla has a specification on the maximum distance from the supercharger cabinet to the supercharger plug, and an extension could exceed the maximum total length.

Haeze | December 11, 2013

Does anyone know if the new 110v 20-amp (NEMA 5-20) connector will actually allow you to pull more than 13 amps from a 110v source ? I already have 20-amp outlets in the garage with the sideways spade, I just don't want to spend $45 only to find that it doesn't do anything that my current 5-15 adapter can't already do.

JohnHarte | December 11, 2013

My NEMA 5-20 connector draws 16 amps, 4-5 MPH. Slow but faster than 3 MPH.

shop | December 11, 2013

The 5-15 adapter that comes with the car draws max. 12 amps, the 5-20 adapter draws 16 amps, 33% faster charging. Worth it if you have access to a 5-20 plug.

Haeze | December 11, 2013

Nice ! Thanks guys, you just earned TMC another $45 ! :D

Brian H | December 12, 2013

The CHAdeMO article notes: "specifically for North American Model S." So, not the same as the Euro adaptor (of course).