Charging Station Optimization with Time Preference

Charging Station Optimization with Time Preference

Is there anything Tesla or 3rd party applications / organizations that provide suggestions for charging stations for the most efficient use of time during trips that also takes into considering how long you can wait at each charge? I believe Tesla is working on an integrated way of doing this on the Supercharger network but the majority of drivers (aside from California) won’t have access to them and there’s still a lot of areas they won’t cover but other charging stations exist. I live in Atlanta and often take business trips to Birmingham, AL on I-20.

For example, say there is a 150 mile trip and you are fully charged with a range of 120 miles. And, there is a charging station at your final destination which you have time to leave it. I’m looking for something that shows all the stations, but suggests “don’t stop at the one that is half-way, since it will take 2 hours to charge, but stop at the one that is in 120 miles, charge for 15 minutes to get you 30 more miles then do the full charge at final destination.

I know there are 3rd party organizations and sites that keep track of charging stations but I haven’t found any that calculate the most effective use of time with your trip.

Brian H | June 9, 2013

"fully charged with a range of 120 miles". What are you driving? Nothing that Tesla makes.

wpoveromo | June 9, 2013

That was just an example. I'm wondering if Tesla can do a software update that dynamically takes into account your current range, location, destination, etc..and can show you not just charging stations on your route, but provides the most effective locations along with how long you need to charge. For example, "stop here and charge for 25 minutes...this will get you to your final destination where you can charge for 6 hours over night...."