Chicago GetAmped

Chicago GetAmped

My brief impressions:

Drove a grey performance with pano and (allegedly) upgraded stereo. Driving experience was fantastic. Handling superb - far superior to my current BMW 750ix, my previous BMW 540 and my Audi S8. It wasn't a 911 but incredible for a big sedan. Carved through the turns with virtually no body roll - you can really feel the battery weight and that is a good thing. Comfort level of ride superior to the BMWs, not as good as the Audi. Accelaration spectacular. 0-60 was a blast and 50-80 also fun - speed limited to 80 on test drive. Note that I understand that guys who say it doesnt feel as crazy as 4.4 0-60 should -- without the violence and noise of sawing through the gears it is just a different experience - but it was a blast. Also was able to chirp the rear wheels off the line with ease.

Interior - while not as bad as some have said, it is kind of lacking. Plastics, particularly around doors, are hard and cheap-looking. Seats have no lateral support - which is a huge problem given the performance capabilities -- I was constantly sliding out of the seat. Not a showstopper for me but I can understand those who won't pony up 100K for a 50K interior.

Stereo - this is a big deal to me, second only to performance. Unfortunately, there wasn't time to really explore it. Also - and I suspect this is just a beta problem - my usb stick with lossless AAC would not play despite best efforts of two Tesla reps. But radio sounded as good as radio can sound. Not a big bass system but clean. My standard is the B&O in my old S8 - best car stereo I have heard (crushes Lexus/Levinson, BMW, Acura etc). Model S wasnt nearly as good (based on limited test) but likely not a showstopper.

Any questions - fire away.

deaddog | July 31, 2012

One more thing. I was concerned about how I would like the feel of the regen brakes. But not only were they not a problem, they were fun. Felt like engine braking in a manual transmission. Made the driving perhaps a bit more involving but in any event it was not at all off-putting

bsimoes | August 1, 2012

I like the specific descriptions you offer, as far as how things operate within the car. My question is about the pano roof. Would you describe how much light comes through; in other words, do you get the feeling of daylight coming in? Can you see through it well enough to see your surroundings? Thanks, in advance, for any insight you can offer about it.

Michael23 | August 1, 2012

Thx so did it have the upgraded sound system?

cmcvety | August 1, 2012

I drove that same car at the Chicago event, and can confirm it was the upgraded sound system. I drive a 2012 BMW X5 right now with the top of the line stereo, and the Model S sounded just as good or better. The bass was plenty strong and I was able to adjust it to even further improve the sound. The driving characteristics of the car were excellent, and really I have nothing to add on this front from the OP's review. It was very bright with no clouds when I drove and I did not even notice the light through the pano roof. I was one of the last drivers on the last day, and I believe the car had in excess of 12k miles on it. Overall it looked great for the test drive abuse endured with the leather, etc., all in good shape. There are a lot of complaints about lack of storage, vanity mirror lights, but in the end I think Tesla got the most important things exactly right and I am more than happy to appease my need for instant gratification versus waiting for version 2.0 with more cup holders. Anyway, can't wait for when my number gets called to finalize my order.

Michael23 | August 1, 2012

Thanks for the info!