Child Safety Seat Experience

Child Safety Seat Experience

For those of you who have it, looking for your feedback. Here's mine below, but the biggest kicker is that my 3 year old can unlock the belt. Most child seats require more force on the little red button than the kid's thumbs can muster, but she started screaming the other day only for me to pull over and see that she'd unlocked the belt. She knows better but I wanted to see what other user experiences have been. Or if you haven't had the issue maybe you can put your kid in there and ask if they can do it? Here's the rest of my quick review after 3 months of having them:

* Kids love the rear view
* No food spills etc. in passenger seats
* Very easy to adjust for growing kids or different heights.
* People getting freaked out behind you when they see kids in the trunk. :-D

* Kids cook back there in the heat since there's no vents. Poor guys complain about the sun on hot days since it's basically a tanning bed. Wondering if there's some kind of mod anyone's worked up to get ventilation back there?
* Can't see the kids, need to install a mod with a webcam that can link back to the console so we can easily view who's punching who. :)

Simply put they're great, the kids love them and they're 10x easier to manage than bulky store seats, plus you free up your rear seats. Very very interested to get other user feedback though, especially on the belt test...

MrB | May 10, 2013

Just got mine installed today and my 5 year old loves riding in the back so far. My youngest is only 14 months so he's going to have to wait a while longer to go back there.

I'll post an update here after I've used them for a while.

Pulse | May 11, 2013

@jnoori I have had mine for just over a week now and put 500 miles driving to work with both my kids. My kids are 4.5 and 2.5 years old. They love the seats at the back. Will not sit anywhere else. He had two hot days last week( Seattle). I have to agree to all your pros and cons.

On the first day, both kids threw up at almost the same time ( its tough to clean up the rear seats!)not sure why. The bigger kid repeated the same thing the next day. My hypothesis was that it had to do with the acceleration and the heat on both days. However thankfully this has not repeated the rest of the days. One change I made was to play them a movie on a portable DVD player and no more fun acceleration.

Thus far I bought and tried two different Mirror arrangements both have not worked. We decided to use our old Baby Video monitor to see whats going on at the back.

One other issue in addition to no air vents at the back is the absence of any charging options for any kind of electronics. Would love to have a cigarette lighter or USB there.

I am also looking around to find a portable fan that could be mounted on the side where you store the charging cables.

mrspaghetti | May 11, 2013

I've never tried the S seats, but I can tell you my little boy figured out how to unfasten the seat belt/safety straps at age 3 also. And it didn't matter what car he was in after that, he could unbuckle them all, so I don't think it matters.

jeffaa | May 11, 2013

I share the same pros/cons. My 3 1/2 year old is able to unbuckle it, which he can't do in any of his other seats.

We've had one warm day since we got the car on Tuesday, but my son wasn't in the car that day. And yesterday I got the windows tinted (15%). We'll be going on a few outings this weekend, so I'll get some feedback from him.

I can see that cleaning those seats could be difficult due to the perforations, but we don't plan on leaving food with him back there. If he's thirsty, only water goes in the car. (We'll see how long this lasts.)

My wife also brought up the idea that TM should have installed a little camera back there that integrates with the touch screen. It should be included if you order the tech package and jump seats.

We carpool my friend's son to school with my son every other day, they love it back there.

I have 14-month old twins, so they'll be able to use those seats in a couple years.

markapeterman | May 11, 2013

The seats are one of the major reasons I got my S. My kids love them (and fight over whose turn it is to sit back there - 9, 7, 6, 3). The heat issue is the biggest drawback, but I have ceramic 15% tint and it's not terrible, you have to turn up the AC manually also. I also had the rear bumper wrapped in paint armor so I didn't worry about the kids damaging the paint climbing in and out. The camera idea would be great, but honestly I doubt I would use it that much.