CNBC does the Broder route no problem.

CNBC does the Broder route no problem.

I was at the Milford supercharger today and they were setting up for the shoot. Looks like they finished up and documented another failure to reproduce Broder's problems:

This was the most balanced report I have seen yet.

I took my 60 kWh from Northern NJ to central Connecticut and back in 40ish degree weather no problem. The supercharger was terrific for topping off. A few observations:

Using eco mode on the climate control, and cruise control at 70, the range was exactly predicted by my rated range. Very accurate.

Coming back using non eco mode, driving without cruise control, going 70-75, the range was 80% of rated range.

Supercharger data on a 60 kWh vehicle: 326 V, 60 kW, 185 A.

This car is just terrific. It was a pleasure to take it on its first road trip, and I had no range anxiety. I got a special laugh out of the BMW passenger taking video of the MS on I-95.