The Colbert Bump.

The Colbert Bump.

Did anyone else notice that last night Stephen Colbert, parrying with George Will on "The Colbert Report", let it be known he drives a Tesla?

GeekEV | April 23, 2014

I haven't watched that episode yet. Are you saying Colbert drives the Tesla or George Will?

G. | April 23, 2014

Stephen said he drives a Tesla in response to a fairly smarmy question from George. Will was there to talk about his new book on Wrigley Field, and the two of them drifted afield, so to speak. It wasn't apparent that George knew what a Tesla is, but I bet he does.

Brad Holt | July 24, 2014

He said again when Elon was on his show tonight! Sounds like Colbert drives a Tesla! BUMP INITIATED.

GeekEV | July 25, 2014

This time he not only said he drives one, but indicated he really likes it and considers it to be his "friend". Elon also let slip that the next major software update will let you "name your car" - for whatever that's worth.

Boukman | July 26, 2014

He, Colbert that is, has probably placed his order for the MX already...As for the other guy he probably will entered in his V8 Cadi, not that there is anything wrong with it... lol..sorry I apologize I could not help it ...