Color combo poll

Color combo poll

I'm finalizing my options in the next couple days. All options are settled but the interior color. I was sold on blue/tan, but I'm not sure I like the look of the tan, and I've always had black interiors. From outside the car, I love the blue/tan contrast. but sitting in the front seat, I'm not sure I like the look of the tan on the dash. So I think I'm settling on:



gary.greene | October 24, 2012

Haven't final configured yet but I was planning on blue/tan.

CPM | October 24, 2012

Blue/tan matte

petero | October 24, 2012

I chose white with tan interior. So what trim are you getting?

joepruitt | October 24, 2012

The dash is black regardless. I have a tan interior and it's just the seats, door panels, and area under the dash that's tan. Above the internal decor, it's all black. It looks pretty similar to this:

petero | October 24, 2012

mtlord. I forgot to say I like having the light interior contrast with the dark blue.

Tesla229 | October 24, 2012

Sig. Red, Tan interior, Obeche wood-gloss

joepruitt | October 24, 2012

Forgot to mention my color. Sig Red/Tan/Lacewood.

DouglasR | October 24, 2012

Pearl White/Tan/Lacewood. Wife says black leather will get too hot. We're in Seattle, so I don't see it as an issue, but I go along.

Aleksandyr | October 24, 2012

green with gray interior.

jbunn | October 24, 2012

Blue metalic, tan with obeche gloss

cmlaff | October 24, 2012

Plaid, with stripped tires, and glossy redwood with tints of spotted owl feathers……..

nickjhowe | October 24, 2012

pearl white/tan/carbon fibre/grey wheels

rd2 | October 24, 2012

pearl white/black/obeche matte

Brian H | October 25, 2012

She's thinking about the trips to Florida you don't know you're taking yet.

BYT | October 25, 2012

pearl white/black/cr/grey wheels and keeping the spoiler but leaving off the front license plate

mbcaffe | October 25, 2012

blue/gray/obeche gloss. black interior is also nice

choots.humphries | October 25, 2012

Metallic green with tan interior. One thing I was concerned about was the tan interior looked very orange to me online (Mercedes Benz orange leather). Knowing this could be a function of viewing online, I was pleased the tan is actually tan when I test drove in DC. I expect to really like the combo when I get my car (best guess Feb 2013 now).

Another advantage of green paint...considering a license plate that says GREENx2

Andrew18 | October 25, 2012

Black, tan/piano, dark wheels. Seemed futuristic. Get the windex and microfiber rag for the glovebox and touch free car wash ready! I can deal with it!

Brad Holt | October 25, 2012

brown/tan/obeche matte

stephen.kamichik | October 25, 2012

Black/tan and obeche gloss and standard wheels.

brett.padgett | October 25, 2012

black/black/obeche matte

rdravenelle | October 25, 2012

Blue/tan/carbon fiber/silver wheels

c2tb | October 25, 2012

I am torn between the brown with tan interior/ silver wheels vs gray with gray or black inerior/dark wheels. Im res # 7948 so I have to decide soon. decisions....decisions.

RobS | October 25, 2012

pearl white/gray/obeche matt

Osiris | October 25, 2012

Performance Sig in black black with Obeche Wood Matte. I really like the red lining coming with the black leather seats. Wheels are silver 21'

georgevet | October 25, 2012



cablechewer | October 25, 2012

Blue, Tan and probably Lacewood when the time to configure comes.

Ohms.Law | October 25, 2012

Gray/black/carbon fiber/yellow dog.

Scorch | October 25, 2012

Black/Black/Carbon Fiber/21" Gray Wheels

Carefree | October 25, 2012

Pearl White, Pano Roof, Black Leather, Carbon Fiber. But I won't see this car for a looooong time - probably June/July next year. R 12136.

rmitchum | October 25, 2012

Pearl white/tan/matt obeche/19" wheels - would opt for the turbine style if they were available in 19s . . . a bit non-descript for that incognito effect.
Knowing that beauty is more than skin deep, I could go for just about any combination offered, with the exception of that custom pink that I've seen pictures of . . . but to each his own, eh?

markapeterman | October 25, 2012

Leaning toward Blue/Tan/Obeche Matte, but if I decide to spring for performance I may go with Blue/Black/CF - love the red piping.

toto_48313 | October 25, 2012

Dolphin Grey/ Black / Carbon Fiber / perf wheel

bjm | October 25, 2012

Blue/Grey/Obeche Matte

therealmach3 | October 25, 2012

@Osiris agree with the red trim on the black interior, looks fantastic. I'm struggling with the exterior color a little. Black feels like too safe (although I don't really love the other colors). Anyone have any aesthetic concerns with the the grey wheels? The wheels look great, but it feels like they clash with the remaining chrome finish on the exterior of the car.

kevjo | October 25, 2012


rwang | October 25, 2012

Pearl White, Black, Obeche Matte.

weeandthewads | October 26, 2012

Performance S with Pearl White/Black/Obeche Gloss/21" Grey wheels

Michael23 | October 26, 2012

White tan cf with dark rims. Contrast!

dr_gko | October 26, 2012

Silver/black(or gray)/obeche matte/standard wheels

kidheme | October 27, 2012

Brown,tan,obeche gloss; I got the car - my wife got to pick

jkirkebo | October 27, 2012

Blue, grey, carbon fibre, dark grey 21" wheels. No spoiler.

Rathjebaxter | October 27, 2012

We went for the BLue/Black as well.

Drdon220 | October 27, 2012

Pearl White, gray interior, Pano roof, silver 21".

Drdon220 | October 27, 2012

And Lacewood!

TeslaLABlue | October 28, 2012

Grey w black leather.

Getting Amped Again | October 28, 2012

This is the first time I've seen the Piano Black on an actual car, and even though I previously thought it was the Red Haired Stepchild, I think it looks pretty stunning! Just trying to confuse you guys/gals that are finalizing your order. :)

TINO F | October 28, 2012

White Solid, Pano Roof, Black Leather, 85kWh,Obeche Gloss, Silver 21" Wheels, Tech, and Sound Package, and someday a parcel shelf, and rear Mats.

SB32 | November 17, 2012

Configuring now, thinking black/tan/cf or piano black. Silver wheels--like the contrast. Of the three finalists, wife ruled out white, and we have a blue car already, so black wins for exterior. Plus that's what I've wanted pretty much from the start, with the others bouncing in and out. Can't decide on cf or pb, and matte obeche may reenter the equation.

stuberman | November 17, 2012