Cup Holders and Arm Rests???

Cup Holders and Arm Rests???

I was able to place my order before I even test drove the Model S. After test driving it, I can't believe I am buying a $90,000+ car with only 2 cup holders that are in such an ackward place. My first car 20 years ago at least had a few more cup holders and a rear seat arm rest....

daddyfixit | September 29, 2013

First of all... I love this car. Period.

At this price point; however, the interior is missing the "Creature Comforts" I've come to expect from a premium luxury sedan. Tesla Motors compares/guarantees the Model-S's three year residual price to be comparable to that of a Mercedes.

Well interior refinements are no comparison to the Mercedes or my Lexus LS-460 for that matter. Leather quality, Seat cushions, Stitching, Cup holders, Use-able door pouches, Kangaroo pouches behind the front seats, Garment hooks in the back... the list goes on. Not to mention the wood grain is going the wrong way. A horizontal trim piece with vertical wood grain... What's with that?

Tesla, I love your power and simplicity. Yet my but has to sit in this seat for 90 minutes or more per day. There are some refinements that luxury sedan owners have come to expect and that bar is set pretty high by the Germans, Japanese, and yes the Americans. As in all other areas of this car, Tesla can/should set the standard in these areas just as they have done in performance and exterior styling.


Roamer@AZ USA | September 29, 2013


Did you get that cup holder from the online store. I have been looking and can't find it listed. I was looking for a blonde or brunette one to match my interior. Also need the one sized for a 64 ounce thirst buster.

2050project | September 30, 2013

Center Console Insert is the way to go for this to match the interior look and they're coming with a rear seat cup holder/storage solution to (it says in the blog) in the aftermarket:

Hodas | September 30, 2013

At National Plug-In day in Long Beach this weekend I met a guy who showed me a rear-seat cupholder solution he had designed and built and which he said he is talking to teslaccessories about marketing.

He had replaced the sliding arm rests of the front console with ones that were full length and which had cupholders embedded near the back end. When the armrests are slid back to expose the front cup holders, the rear (with these cupholders) then protruded several inches into the rear compartment.

It was a very elegant solution, and one which I wish Tesla had adopted for theirs. If this comes in at all reasonably priced, I will likely buy them.

Tiebreaker | September 30, 2013

@daddyfixit - at home I am called "daddyfindit"

djwill | October 13, 2013


That's a pretty clever idea. Just a 4-inch longer (to the rear) center arm rest with a cup-sized hole in the back part would be a reasonable solution. When pushed back to uncover the front cup holder, the "holder" would be exposed to the back seat passenger. I'm sure someone could get really fancy, but even a built-in cup holder in the "extension" would be workable, even moreso when pushed rearward. I can't imagine this (a replacement arm rest) would be terribly expensive either.

2050project | October 14, 2013

@Jolinar - now that's a unique solution, but, won't work for us guys! :)

Along with: -- (folks that make the CCI and soon kangaroo pouches and rear seat cup holders), there are also some some cool cup holder accessories at:

Also, more options listed at: too.

Mel. | October 16, 2014

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