Danish registration, insurance etc

Danish registration, insurance etc

Have any of you fellow Danish reservation holders gotten firm quotes on insurance (price/company)?

I am also wondering how the actual registration of the car will pan out - any thoughts on that?

On home charging, are you planning to have a special charging unit established or do you plan to run the charging from the standard electricity net?


montgom626 | March 6, 2013

NEMA 14-50 is my plan. Cheap and easy. Bullet proof

glaserud | March 6, 2013

Montgom: gl;hf using nema in denmark... :)

Henrik: the eu charger will support 230V 3-phase, so I'm planning on 230V 32A 3-phase which is in slight excess of 12kW.

henrik1968 | March 7, 2013

@glaserud: sounds like the way to go.

At the risk of exposing my electricity incompetence, what will the 230V 32A require in terms of hardware?

glaserud | March 7, 2013

As I'm from Norway, I'll speak to what I'm going to need.

I have a 3-phase feed in to my house, and a 3-phase 16amp fuse that leads to my garage.

So for me, I'll have to upgrade the 16-amp to a 32-amp and draw new leads from the fuse box to the garage. Not sure what contacts I'll need, but it's either the round type CEE contact or the square one.

I might run a larger amp feed if I can, but then I probably have to upgrade my in-feed.

Norbert.Vienna | March 7, 2013

if you are satisfied with the 8 hour loading time for the 85kW battery than the iinstallation is ok and Tesla will provide the adapter
for the faster load with 32A you will need a new installation to your garage and also a loading station with Type 2 mode 3 plug and a cable
there ia a paper from Tesla

glaserud | March 7, 2013

Norbert: Thanks!

That info is a bit different than what I was told by the Tesla representative. I guess they'll make it clearer closerbto launch.

glaserud | March 7, 2013

hm... Here's a thing I don't get. Why do I need an external type 2 charging station for 230Vx32Ax3-phase? I thought the S came with internal 2x10kW chargers, and could just plug in directly?

muller | March 8, 2013

Regarding insurance, I've got qoutes ranging from 5.000DKK (Tryg) to 15.000DKK (Gjensidige).

None of them had prices for the P85 yet.

It seemed that Tryg pricing was based on
Tesla S Model 2 82bhp!? 60kW and
Tesla S Model 3 116bhp!? 85kW and

So maybe they reconsider the pricing when they learn that its closer to and above 300bhp...

Well all offers lasted a month, and the car won't arrive until late this year, so I guess all of the above is subject to change...

Call them and ask for prices, and let them know that there might be a market here. And when you do, ask for prices on all three models :)

henrik1968 | March 8, 2013


I've also received quotes from Tryg. They now have the right bhp for the 60 and 85 - still no quotes for the P85.

The quotes I got (I'm categorized as "superelitebilist") were 13.000 and 17.000 DKK respectively.

Hopefully there will be more awareness/price competition when we get closer to delivery...

muller | March 11, 2013

That's a sligt price bump... but probably more realistic than the prices I got.

fishtank | March 27, 2013

I talked to Gjensidige yesterday. They only have one MS in the system , 362bhp eg. S85.

For me as an existing elite driver the quote was DKK 13.051 annually.

henrik1968 | March 27, 2013

I spoke to the Tesla guys after my test drive yesterday (what a ride :)). They mentioned that the roadster is only registered as 54bhp (continuous), and if the same principle is applied to e.g. the P85, then it will only register at 115bhp. In other words, you might want to wait a bit for quotes.

ken | March 27, 2013

Hi, posted this in the Europe section of the Forum yesterday.

It is correct that the insurance companies calculates the rates on continuous horse powers. The formula is quite simple.

Take the battery size (85000 Watt) and divide by 735 (which equals an english metric horsepower). Then you will get 116 CHP - which is far from the Peak Horsepowers that the Model S delivers.

I got a quote from Tryg at DKK 7776 also as an elite driver (age 40+) + 20 years driving with no incidents. Price based on location outside Copenhagen and with a self risk on dkk 6300. A quite fair price and actually lower than my current C350.

henrik1968 | March 27, 2013


This sounds really encouraging. I assume this means the P85 would be insured at the same level as the regular 85? It seems our insurance records would be identical.

I tried to follow your link but got an "access denied" (I am a reservation holder and logged in as such)...?