Delays delays delays.......gutted.

Delays delays delays.......gutted.

My original delivery prognosis when I ordered last year was Sept/Oct 2013. Today I was told it is currently planned for 18th November......gutted.
Like most here, I read the forums several times per day and I'm struggling to contain my excitement but today left me feeling deflated. In addition, my wife changed her job and had to give up her company car. Now we have just the one car between us and that makes life difficult. I know that is not Tesla's fault but their delays are not helping.
Sorry for the negativity I'm just feeling down. It seems like an eternity waiting for my dream car.

Winnie796 | September 9, 2013

Forgot to add: P2144 vin 169xx. I'm not a troll.

gooshjkc | September 9, 2013

If you think that's bad. I have to wait till middle of next year to get my second dream car (first was a Porsche 911 Turbo S, which I got already). I placed my order in the beginning of Summer, but decided to wait till my new house is finished. New house and new car - can't wait.

PaceyWhitter | September 9, 2013

I assume "last year" was a typo, did you mean "last month?"

Blueshift | September 9, 2013

@Winnie796 Where, which country?

Anonymous | September 9, 2013

My VIN is 16942 & I ordered on July 5th, 2013 (delivered Aug 3rd, yay!)

toby_wan_kenoby | September 9, 2013

I bet you ordered a 60... lower margin cars get longer delivery times from what I take.
But if you ordered last month then 3 1/2 months still sound a lot.

Sorry to hear.. I am working on buying a used one right now and have no ETA... so not even a day to look forward to.

elguapo | September 9, 2013

@Winnie796 Bummed to hear your story. I think it would be helpful if you clarified your order for us. Is it a 60 or 85? Any odd options (this days are kind of gone)? If your in the US, unless you ordered a 60, that's really odd based on timing elsewhere in the forum. I ordered my 60 in March and was told three months and took delivery 47 days later! So keep your chin up - it will be worth the wait!

elguapo | September 9, 2013

Clarification - I meant the days off odd options seem to be gone.

Winnie796 | September 9, 2013

I ordered last December. Confirmed as quickly as humanly possible.
P85+ Full spec, the lot.
P2144 (EU) Norway

bradslee | September 9, 2013


If you want the fellow MS owners to offer help or to share your feeling, you need to give the accurate info on your situation. If your VIN is 169xx, it cannot be a MS that you ordered in 2012, even if it is a 60kWh MS, unless you are outside US. In that case, the delay is not unreasonable since the MS has to be shipped from California to your country.

bradslee | September 9, 2013


Since you are in Norway and your car is on its way to you in about two months, you should feel lucky rather pity because people in places like England, Australia and Hong Kong who reserved MS last year must wait much longer since their righ hand driving MS have not even begun to manufacture.

PaceyWhitter | September 9, 2013

Ahhh.... forgot about Europe. Good luck with your new MS!

shop | September 9, 2013

I feel for you - hopefully Tesla will surprise you the other way and get it to you earlier than November. I missed my chance to get a P85+ by about a month - got delivery in March, but the + version didn't start selling until about a month later. Sigh. So there is a benefit to waiting!

jbunn | September 9, 2013

I feel your pain. I waited close to two years, and in the summer of 2012, the first cars rolled off the line. After the Founders cars, then nothing for months. My delivery was originally September/October. That moved to November. Then December, then January. I finally stopped trying to predict it's arrival. Finally came at the end of February.

Fortunately, you don't have the unpredictability of bringing up a new factory. They have gotten very good on their estimates. But I can tell you, it is worth the wait.

Griffo | September 9, 2013

Winnie796 were you contacted by Tesla and updated as to the change in delivery date (email of call) or did you chase them?

I ordered end of December Standard S with 85kWh (not perf) 19" with heap of extras originally promised Sept/October. After chasing a rep got an email last week no date only Mid November.

Have had no emails from Tesla realated to delivery, without prodding them first.

Status still sourcing parts, been like that since beginning of July. Is your status the same or in production?

This is Norwegian delivery RN number 2356 Vin 190X

info | September 9, 2013

Ordered mine in july 2011. Yes you read that right: 2011. Delivery tomorrow!!!! One of THE first in THE
Can not eat,sleap.

Winnie796 | September 9, 2013

@Griffo. I went into the Bergen store and asked. They didn't have much information because the car was still not in production. The projected delivery date was there though. I was advised it might move forward or it could be later but 18 Nov was there.

@everyone else. Thanks for understanding. Iknow I'm not alone and others have waited longer. I just hoped sharing this will hit a chord with others having the same frustration.

Winnie796 | September 9, 2013 Congratulations! It must feel like the night before you get your Christmas presents as a child.

dirk.saenen | September 9, 2013

I'm afraid Tesla is not doing the best job in Europe.

Under pressure by the stock-market, they have chosen not to honour long-time EU-reservations.
Rather deliver asap some cars to US-last minute orders.

Bad choice.

I don't think there will be any more X-reservation.
Especially Sigs. Why pay for no honour ?

JPPTM | September 9, 2013

Elon says that forward produstion will go 50-50 to Europe and US...good for our friends across the pond, but not so good for those folks just ordering now in the US. TM is really production constrained...

JAFIC | September 9, 2013

Well, Wiinie, at least your situation is better than us. Those of us in Asia, we have NO test drive, no physical car to look at.

AND we ordered in June 2012. (right hand drive)
The upside is...we are immune to the price change.XD

Brian H | September 9, 2013

"no honour" is juvenile and foolish. There will continue to be many X reservations, especially Sigs. Loser.

jat | September 9, 2013

The people who were getting the early cars in the US were annoyed at delays as well. I bought a LEAF in Aug 2011 because I did not believe Tesla would achieve their then-stated goal of 1Q2012 deliveries (I figured I could get in at the tail end of the signatures and get it in early Summer if that held up), but given other delays I didn't think there was any way they would hit that. They just barely hit the revised date of 2Q2012, and only by delivering a handful of founder's cars. Building a new product, or starting to deliver them in Europe is a complicated thing, and estimates are often low. Just deal with it.

As it was, I drove my LEAF for 14 months and then got my Model S this January, and now my wife drives the LEAF. Everything, including the minor glitches, has been exactly as expected (actually, much better than expected), so I think you guys complaining just don't have the proper perspective.

S4WRXTTCS | September 9, 2013

At first I felt empathy for Winnie796, but then I realized just how many incentives Norway has for Electrical cars and just how awesome the Tesla MS is for someone in Norway.

Now I don't really feel bad, and in fact kind of jealous.

HansJ | September 9, 2013

I waited almost 4 years for my Tesla Model S.

Griffo | September 10, 2013

dirk.saenen Under pressure from the stock market seems to be the obvious reason for the delivery date delays we have in Norway.

Producing say 1000 cars in August/September that do not reach customers in Norway or other European markets until Late October, November, I assume means no revenue recognition in Q3?

Production cost would hit the bottom line in Q3 it would help vehicles out the door for the Q3 production number, but revenue would take a hit, creating a gross profit issue.

I am not an accountant, but I know that revenue recognition in the USA is a CFO's big nightmare. Tesla being as inventíve as it has been to show a profit in Q1 and Q2 (currency gains, CO2 credits) knows every revenue cent counts. So fulfilling oders ASAP in the USA where the cash for the car hits the account the day the car is delievered makes financial sense for Mr. Musk and his band of merry men.

1000 cars is 40million USD so delaying sales deliveries to Europe until Q4 looks definitely a Q3 results driven decision. I would also think that pushing out high spec'd cars is also a priority.

Even if its only 500-800 cars and not a 1000 delayed to Europe until Q4, with a Gross Margin of 25% that's a chunk of money not hitting the right side of the bottom line. So could be that large part of production early October is for Europe. For Norway rumour is aprox. 1500 cars to be delivered before the end of this year.

All these ordered vehicles would need to be produced in October to see them shipped, delivered and paid for before 12.31.13. Revenue would then be recognisable in Q4.

Additionally the changes to the options prices has only affected the USA market, so new orders being fulfilled in the USA probably have a better margin than European models. Financial engineering is also an area Tesla excels in, so interesting to see what is in the small print when the Q3 results are announced.

dirk.saenen | September 10, 2013

@Brian H

You have no idea what you are talking about.

1. Why would anybody (in Europe) today do a downpayment of 40.000$ (30.000€) for a Sig when you receive your car at the same time as the regular P's.
This is what is happening in Europe with the S today...

2. Why would you even do a downpayment of 5.300$ (4.000€) years ahead, to receive your car 1 to 2(max) months earlier than non-reservations holders in Europe.
( Or worse : to see that you get your car months later then non-reservations holders in US.)

You are free to do so, I don't mind... Blessed are the simple-minded.

pbp | September 10, 2013

Well Well Well. Delays can occour. The Things that is bothering me is the lack of communication from Tesla to their customers. It is nonexistent. You have to drag them all to the phone to get some sort of explanation.

thranx | September 10, 2013

@Griffo; thanks for the details...very interesting.

LA-Thing | September 10, 2013

@Griffo; although a sort of conspiracy theory, it does seem plausible.

I reserved and paid deposit in Dec. 2012. Estimated delivery sliding from summer to now maybe Nov 2013. At the same time I read on this forum 'ordered in July, got the car in August'. Depressing.

Clearly US market is prioritized over Europe...

DTsea | September 10, 2013

It's a business guys. Its been very clear that reservation sequence numbers are not delivery sequence numbers.

As for paying for a signature... well, you owe less at delivery.

Getting a US built car homologated for Europe, setting up a European mini-factory to get around (protectionist) import penalties, and setting up supercharger network- that is a lot to do. A couple months late should be a nothing burger (two pieces of bread but no meat, ie not a big deal).

Griffo | September 10, 2013

BrianH Many thanks for your comments. My comments were not meant as the truth according to a Tesla expert, but rather as a "Plausible" reason for the current spate of changed delivery dates. That assumes you know what "Plausible" means.

Regarding the size of the deposit required in Norway when ordering. Currently you can order a Model S with a deposit of approx. 2.5 USD in Norway that kicked in I think end of July with a "Guarantee" that if ordered by end of mid August you would get delivery in 2013. I paid a deposit early Jan 13 of 5K USD.

I have a friend who collected his P85 (note not signature) 2 weeks ago in Oslo. He paid 5K USD deposit in April of 2012 and collected his car in the same month people collected a Sig that they paid a deposit of 40K USD 3 years ago! Fair or unfair leave you to be the judge!

These are the facts not "BS" so if you get fired up well count to 10 first please.

This forum is a great place to share experiences. I am not attempting to pose as a Tesla super star, but only want to share my experiences with Tesla the company and provide feedback on the way Tesla is dealing with one of its Norwegian customers.

I had hoped my post might be considered of interest and not condemned to the trash can. We/I want our cars, I believe in what Tesla is trying to do, but for a moment (if possible) do not lose sight of the fact that the owners of Tesla are in it to get rich or richer. If you have any doubts go look at the options that the top guys have exercised this year.

Car is a winner no doubt, fantastic achievement to get so far, but at the end of the day "Money Talks".

We are all early adopters and have bought into the Tesla business model or should I call it "Dream" or perhaps "Vision" of the future. However, I am a normal guy and don't have a bucket full of cash to throw away. So the financial risk of what a 100K USD car is worth in 2 or 3 years if Tesla bombs is a worry, especially for my wife who doesn't share my passion.

At the end of the day Tesla has to do all it can to protect its bottom line. If they produce bad Q3 numbers or dress then up in a way the market sees through them, then the stock price could take a big hit.

To close, I am OK with my car being delayed if it means Tesla can post a Q3 profit. If Tesla's success protects my residual value then all of us end up winners. If this mean my car is going to be delivered late, that's OK with me.

As I said when I started my original post it was meant as a "Plausible" reason for why Norwegian orders were delayed. In my opinion better to tell your customers the truth than keep them in the dark and feed them on "BS".

Customers are often quite smart:-)

Griffo | September 10, 2013

Just to clarify I was responding to Dirk.Saenen comment to @BrianH so may have got my wires crossed regarding these posts.

No disrespect intended.

Winnie796 | September 10, 2013

@Griffo Well put, I agree with you.

Brian H | September 11, 2013

Being first, and status. The most powerful social motivators of humans. Just watch.

"Production cost would hit the bottom line in Q3"
Not true. It would hit cash flow, not the financial statement P&L. Costs and revenues are recognized at the same time. The debit entry goes into the Balance sheet, under Goods in Process in Inventory.

And TM now has a large cash float, since the last capital raise, so the $200 million or so of delayed receipts is no problem.

Fred O | September 12, 2013

To follow up on this post I contacted the Tesla office today. My original ETA of sep/oct has changed to end of november. 2013 deadline is not jeopardised, but I'm not smiling at the moment.

petero | September 12, 2013

Hmmm. I wonder how our dear and valued friend, Volker.Berlin, and his MS (delivered?) is doing?

Fred O | September 12, 2013

If memory serves me right he was organising a car sharing scheme so costs could be shared between several people. Have not heard much from him after that. I wonder if he succeeded. I hope so because he's done a lot for this forum.

Haeze | September 12, 2013

Wow, maybe now is the time for me to sell my S85. Make someone happy by getting a car right away, while I can finally get the tech package I wish I would have ordered in mine ! ;)

Brian H | September 14, 2013

Yes, and depending on miles, you might get a pretty decent trade-in from Tesla. They're very pressed for loaners and demos! They keep selling out from under them.

Paul1839 | September 14, 2013

I waited 3 years to the day for my Tesla Model S.