Distance at high speeds

Distance at high speeds

Wondering if anyone can share their experience with distances when you are driving 80+ miles an hour. I live in Salt Lake City and make frequent trips to Vegas. The posted speed limit is 80 mph for most of the way. My concern is at that speed I think my possible distance will be shortened. There is currently no charging station between SLC and Vegas but I anticipate one soon. Not sure of the location but I want to make sure I can at least get to the charging station while using battery power at 80 mph. Any thoughts?

Bikezion | November 2, 2013

This is for the model S, obviously no one has experience with the model X. At 80mph the range is about 200 miles, (with 85kwh) maybe less with the X.

Move the map to winter. It looks like Cove Fort and St. George. That's about 130 miles between each sc, should be easy at 80 mph.

Btermanini | November 2, 2013

I drive my model S routinely at 80-90 mph, with that speed it consumes approximately 15-20% more than optimal speed of 55 mph. My average is approximately 370 Wh/mi which translates into 190 miles per charge for my P85 when I charge it to 90% recommended standard charge or 220 miles for max charge. As you know, The consumption is also strongly influenced by the temperature and the elevation.
I hope this helps.

PatT | November 3, 2013

I would think that there would be some 14-50 RV plugs available on that trip. I've stayed at a park in St. George with my RV. Of course spending a couple hours taking on a few more electrons kind of defeats the purpose of traveling 80+. Without SC, road travel is a balancing act.

TheStig | November 3, 2013

I'm not an electrical engineer but why would elevation have any noticeable impact on the range if we aren't talking about elevation changes?

Brian H | November 3, 2013

Yeah, changes only, except higher altitude reduces drag, increases range. Vacuum would be ideal, except for breathing. >;)