Does backup camera display have Augmented Reality overlay?

Does backup camera display have Augmented Reality overlay?

Infiniti and some other makes of car overlay a graphic box on the backup camera display that shows the outline of the car projected onto the ground. That way you don't have to guess whether you'll hit something or not.

Anyone know if the Model S does that too?

BYT | June 10, 2012

I also wondered about this, no clue however! :(

jbherman | June 10, 2012

+1 nickjhowe...I relay on that graphic in my Audi.

jbherman | June 10, 2012

*rely...not relay!

Whity Whiteman | June 10, 2012

if not, it's an AppThing )
Nobody has seen ANY app yet. Hopefully it's getting big
and we get every app. With Full HD-Cam connected to the system of the S we have a good base

BYT | June 10, 2012

That is a good point Whity, I can see this coming later if not on day one with an update to software. This in particular would definitely lend itself to updates of the software vs anything needing to be changed in hardware.

Whity Whiteman | June 10, 2012

I think, part of the Tesla Appstore-Concept is definitly bringing a wide, connected plattform with as much parameters as possible )

Parameters open for AppProgramming:

GPS (Speed, Position, Direction)
HD Cam (GPS + Cam = AR)
Microphone in the car (cam? as well? Videophone?)

So, maybe there is a lot unrevealed and unexpected!

BYT | June 10, 2012

This also answers my question posed on another post about adding Traffic information to the Nav in tech package.

jerry3 | June 10, 2012

The App APIs aren't likely to be released during the first year so that the basics can be, and I don't want to say "tested" here--let's try used in a wide variety of conditions not anticipated by the engineers without interference from third party apps.

Ohms.Law | June 10, 2012

Back to nickjhowe's original question... I think to get a true outline of the car, from all sides, requires a number of cameras looking out in different directions. My brother has a 7-series and it's cool, but I think he has downward pointing cameras under each side mirror, one in the front and one in the back. It does a nice job of displaying where the car is and where it will be with the current position of the steering wheel. However it's a little over the top IMO and I know Tesla isn't planning this, at least for now.

However if nickjhowe's question is just referring to the back of the car, that would be really nice, but I have no clue. In retrospect... sorry for the long answer that doesn't advance any actual knowledge.

BYT | June 10, 2012

Nah, the camera and the car in relative position of the camera is extremely static, so if you put virtual lines that show limitations before you hit something, it will always be accurate regardless of the number of cameras positioned there. Kinda like the lines on the 1st down marker on Football, relative to the down markers on the field and added in post before fired off live to your T.V. set. The car and the camera will never move off of one another, the lines will not either to summarize all that I just said... :)

Brian H | June 10, 2012

What BYT said. It's a simple fixed geometric extrapolation from the camera and GPS to outline the car. The "variable" data is the surroundings.

jkirkebo | June 11, 2012

Even the Leaf has this. A very helpful function, and easy to program.

gjunky | June 11, 2012

I don't think there is a GPS involved. Simply the camera, a reverse sensor and the angle of the steering wheel.

derrick.s | December 9, 2014

So it's not augmented reality, right BYT?