@dortor--What happened to your post "FACTS? Dual Chargers for X?"

@dortor--What happened to your post "FACTS? Dual Chargers for X?"


Did you delete the original post below?

If not, where is it?

FACTS? Dual Chargers for X?
dortor | October 18, 2015
there was some confusion going on before the reveal around what the charging situation is for a Model X - dual chargers, single chargers but 60 AMPs? No HPWC?

now that it's been revealed are there any facts about the charging situation for a Model X?

dortor | November 2, 2015

I did not delete it.

I still haven't seen many facts - I would really like to know.

AlMc | November 2, 2015
Tâm | November 2, 2015


1) No dual charger was heard from Tesla sources as ever offered in the past nor future.

2) Founder Series at the Launch Event got their Single internal charger, 17 kW, 72 amps, 240 Volts as predicted by whispering news and also by attendees who confirmed that in person. See picture below:

Model S' 17" charging screen would have "CHARGE CURRENT" as "80A".

This Founder Series Model X's "CHARGE CURRENT" says "72A".

3) The above TMC link pointed out by @AlMc quoted an e-mail from Tesla confirming that the only option is Single internal charger, 12 kW, 48 amps, 240 Volts. The rationale is because of:

"Tesla’s high standards",

" based on the extensive feedback from today's Model S owners"

"easy and intuitive"

"eliminating the confusing “Dual Charger” option"

My thought is:

1) This is an elimination of choice. There no better choice for the Signatures or Productions if you have more money to spend or if you are more knowledgeable and don't get confused by the choice of "Dual Charger"

If you are Founders, you can get faster charge rate as seen on the picture above, and of you are Signatures or Productions then you get the "easy and intuitive" slower charge rate.

2) Tesla loves whispering practice. Instead of posting changes clearly on the website, it encourages news via rumor mill.

The secrecy of Model X still exists well over the Lauch Event. The fact that this @dortor's post was eliminated is a mystery.

3) Technology Regression:

A) Just like the non-foldable second row seats. Engineers got a bigger car, taller car, wider car, longer car but after all the engineering, the net result is the rear cargo length is much shorter than the Model S'

B) Engineers are able to make a higher capacity on-board charger, but the net effect is its technology does not match the maximum charging rate from Model S (10kW x 2 = 20kW, 80A, 240V).

C) Overall, the car is still great for a majority of people but to appeal to a broader spectrum of population, I hope technology regression and information embargo are only an anomaly and will not continue in future.

dortor | November 2, 2015

thank you @Tam

I think we have the best facts based on this posting - I will watch the roll out to "normal" customers with great interest on many topics.

milesbb | November 4, 2015

72 amp charging and fold flat seating are levers for Elon to pull when demand starts to wane.

aesculus | November 5, 2015

Maybe. There are some over at TMC that claim both items are engineering/manufacturing issues at Tesla and hence why they are not part of the current offerings.

We will have to see where all of this goes but I doubt we never get the full story. As you stated when/if they are delivered they will all be fresh new ideas discovered as the buying population evolves and Tesla responds/directs the market in a new direction.

AlMc | November 5, 2015

We will also never know which may have had the bigger impact on sales of the X: The onboard charger or second row seats.
I do expect to see both in the long...another question that one can not answer.