Electric driverless cars?

Electric driverless cars?

My apologies if this idea has already been mentioned.
It seems to me that most people who wish to drive electric cars currently do so for fairly altruistic reasons and that most would like to see a shift towards a fully electric motor industry as soon as possible.
This dream represents no less than a revolution in the motoring industry. Largely because of the cost of new infrastructure as well as the cost of a car. Most people are unlikely to get a new car until they NEED to and are only likely to switch to electric cars when it becomes both economically and practically viable. This viability will come as more people switch.
There will be a tipping point, a period of perhaps 5 years, when most of the world switches to electric cars. However it shall be longer than I would like to reach that point.

There is however a second motoring revolution in the pipeline. The switch to driverless cars. I'm not sure how Tesla people feel about driverless cars but they are coming, they will be better, safer and more efficient than people are.
As with electric cars, the switch to driverless cars represents a revolution in the motor industry. At first the numbers of people making the switch will be small until over a period of just a few years the scales will tip and everyone will convert.

It seems to me that people may be unwilling to make the switch to either one of these new technologies and more importantly; if I've finally got round to going electric then I'll be bloody annoyed a few years later when I'm supposed to switch again to electric and driverless (could be the other way round). Working separately, the two technologies will weaken the impact of each other.

I'm sure that a company like Tesla working in unison with a company like Google could combine technologies to make the worlds first driverless, electric car. This would help economically by having a larger resource pool, it would also require people to make only one change in their vehicle instead of two and instead of delivering two separate messages it would deliver a much more powerful and succinct message to people about the motoring revolution.

Your thoughts are welcome.