Enough head space in model S?

Enough head space in model S?

Many nice styled cars have very limmited headspace over the rear seats. Does model S have enough space for large adults?

BYT | October 12, 2010

From the video's I have seen, unless your Jack from Jack 'n the Box, there should be plenty as the car itself has more square footage of any other sedan it's size. Of course, we can only speculate and you can find a few YouTube video's with drivers or folks just sitting in the prototype Model S to get an idea.

Nvbob | October 12, 2010
bioengr | April 10, 2013

The headroom is okay. The front is fine but the back could be better. I bought the glass roof to get an additional inch of headroom as my son is 6'-2". He was okay with it.

N8Tyler | April 10, 2013

I am 6'2" and was able to sit in the back without the pano roof comfortably, but without much room to spare. The front has more room than the back.

shs | April 10, 2013

I am 6'6 and no problem in the front. In the back without the Pano roof is not good, with the Pano roof, no problem. Leg room in the back depends entirely on how tall or short the person in front is, and how the front seat is positioned. The fore and aft adjustability of the front seats seems larger than I am used to and the MS is the only car I have ever driven where I might be able to drive with the front seat not all the way back. I think that in general it is a great car for tall people. Getting in and out takes some effort though.

hfcolvin | April 10, 2013

I'm 6'2" - back seat without pano roof is tight. OK if you slouch down a little. Front seats - no problem at all.

kyleket | April 10, 2013

I'm just 6', but am tall-torsoed ( short-legged :-/ ). Mine is coming in a few weeks, but when I test drove in NYC I had to tilt my head to the side w/ no pano. Really not good, but I don't plan on spending more than about 30 minutes back there in the next 10 years.

defmonk | April 10, 2013

I'm 6'2" and ordered the pano roof for extra headroom in the back. +1 with all the other posts that the backseat is just a bit too cramped without the pano roof. Even in the front, the extra couple inches (and light) lends more of an open feel in the cabin.

eAdopter | April 10, 2013

I purchased the pano roof primarily for the same reason - more headroom. It bugs me when my hair touches the headliner. Even with the pano, I find the rear headroom too short. I'm only 5'10". My son, who is 6'3", can't sit comfortably in the rear. As it turns out, this is true for most sport/luxury sedans built today.

Captain_Zap | April 10, 2013

I have the solid roof and all my back seat passengers have been comfortable. None of them have been over 6'1 though. They might have been slouchers though because it looked like they had a little room to spare.

I chose the solid roof because I thought that the pano roof might have the potential for issues on the earlier cars. I wondered whether the expansion rate of the aluminum body might make it more challenging than a putting a pano on a steel body. I don't have much opportunity for using a pano roof either which creates the potenial for even more problems.

The pano roof is the only option that I passed on.