Extra NEMA 14-50 cable necessary?

Extra NEMA 14-50 cable necessary?

Hi this is my first post as i just ordered my MS performance and can hardly contain my anticipation (the days never seemed so long before) until my October delivery!

I got a single charging model without the home charging station and am planning to charge using a NEMA 14-50 installed in the car port. Was wondering if anyone bought (or can even buy) an extra charging cable so you can leave one ready to plug in when you get home and not have to keep taking back and forth out of the car?


shawns | September 8, 2013

I ordered an extra mobile charging kit so I could do just that. Keep one at home all the time and one in the car all the time.

AlMc | September 8, 2013


nick-r | September 8, 2013

I would have liked to have ordered another mobile charging kit, but I was surprised to learn that Tesla charges $650 for it. You can get it on the web site under Buy -> Gear and Accessories -> Model S -> All Products.

After purchasing the Model S, I can't easily afford to spend another $650. I know that there are some electronic components in the charging cable, but IMO $650 is an absurd amount of money for a cable, case and a couple of adapters.

shop | September 8, 2013

You don't need to take it in and out of the car, I leave mine plugged in all the time in the garage. I just charge at night in the garage. The only time I need to take it out is when I'm doing a long trip.

gocken1 | September 8, 2013

I do the same as shop. The mobile cable is plugged in the garage at all times. If for some reason you do need to charge away from home you still can have the J1772 adapter. This will allow you to charge from most public charging stations without your cable.

tes-s | September 8, 2013

I agree you don't need an extra cable. I like having the cable in the car at all times - "just in case" - but I doubt I will ever need it.

I wanted the twin charges since I will be using a 70amp public charger, and wanted the quick charge time. I got the HPWC as well - $1200 vs $650 for another mobile kit, and just a little more installation cost for the heavier wire.

When my wife gets the Model X in another year or so, we can just share the HPWC for home charging.

ir | September 8, 2013

I purchased a second UMC because I often use the 5-20 plugs at work. I leave the other plugged into the 14-50 at home.

stevenmaifert | September 8, 2013

It boils down to convenience vs. $650. Unless you plan charging on 120V while you are away from home, there aren't that many public NEMA 14-50 outlets that would justify the expense of a second UMC. Most of us charge on public chargers using the J1772 adapter. | September 8, 2013

Regarding the price, the UMC is actually a full EVSE. Considering an inexpensive standalone EVSE is around $450 to $500 the total price is pretty reasonable.

I have an HPWC at home and keep the UMC in the trunk as I'll sometimes charge at friends/family when visiting.

If noting else, leave the J1772 adaptor in the MS - the is a special spot for it in the glove box.


jat | September 8, 2013

The UMC @ $650 is a much better deal than most of the L2 J1772's available, at higher cost and lower current, so I don't think you should be complaining about the cost.

The convenience was one of the reasons I got the HPWC.

docdac | September 8, 2013

An extra cable is very useful. I don't have to worry about forgetting to put the cable in the trunk when I leave for a trip. Also, nice to have a spare in the trunk just in case my short trip ends up being longer than expected.

KennyB@US-FL | September 8, 2013

I've been told by Sales Specialist that the cost of just the power cord without the adaptors is $450. No need to spend extra $200 for second set of adaptors.

Neal.slafsky | September 8, 2013

1 in garage. 1 in car. Well worth the $650 to never have to worry about having a charging cord.

hpatelmd | September 8, 2013

@KennyB, can one buy just the UMC without the adapters? Does not appear an option on TM gear site.

KennyB@US-FL | September 8, 2013

Yes, you can purchase at the service center.

Doug H | September 8, 2013

The service center (Atlanta/Marietta) refused to sell a UMC to me. They said they only had enough on-hand to handle emergency replacements for local customers. They informed me that if I wanted an extra UMC, I needed to order it online.

michael1800 | September 8, 2013

I believe two cables are largely unnecessary. For longer, non-commute trips, you can simply unplug it from your home socket and put it in the back--it takes about 1 minute if you leave the cable somewhat coiled on the wall. For uncommon long trips, that works well enough and isn't inconvenient. If you charge outside of your home or take longer trips often and don't use J1772s, another cable wouldn't be a horrible idea if $650 is no big deal.

IMHO, wait. Drive the car for two months and then purchase a cable if you find yourself inconvenienced.

f-tal | September 8, 2013

I'd buy a clipper creek EVSE with a J1772 (or other EVSE). A J1772 can be used on any electric car, and the clipper creek one has a 3 year warrantee, instead of the 1yr UMC warantee

olanmills | September 9, 2013

Yeah, I bought an extra charging cable so that I don't have to take it in and out of my car every day. I keep my original one hanging on the wall in my garage, which I use every day, and I keep the extra set in my trunk.

I've only used my extra cable once, and it wasn't even really necessary, but just to always be prepared, I always want to have one in my trunk.

It is super convenient to have an extra charging cable, but it is pretty pricey when you think about it.

Pungoteague_Dave | September 9, 2013

Seems like the extra cost for the HPWC alternative to a second NEMA cable is attractive. A HPWC costs $1,200 and the mobile connector bundle costs $650. The convenience of the HPWC alone seem to make %559 more a worthwhile choice - takes us 2 seconds to hook up when we return home, and the same when leaving.

We don't generally even need the first NEMA cable, as we have HPWC's at both houses, and I use Level 2 chargers when teaching at John Hopkins. As the HPWC and Level 2 chargers have cables at the ready, no need for unwinding and rewinding and stowing a cable.

tes-s | September 9, 2013

@bigmaple - clipper creek charger is about $1000 more than the hpwc, and is limited to 75A (slightly less than hpwc). It does have the flexibility of charging non-MS vehicles.

Brian H | September 9, 2013

Depending on jurisdiction, there may be grants or tax breaks for installing dedicated charge stations.

f-tal | September 9, 2013

Depends on which model. I was comparing to the mobile charger, not the HPWC. The Clipper Creek LS-25 can charge at 20A, costs $495, and has a 3 year warantee (just bought one now) -- my mobile charger is acting up after only 3 months. My first mobile charger died after 3 months, so 2 mobile chargers in 6 months seems like a quality problem to me.

Brian H | September 11, 2013

Yep, maybe part of the patchwork supplier issue; some are gooder than others.