Falcon Wings Improvement "auto-extending Patio Shade" **Please Note, Elon**

Falcon Wings Improvement "auto-extending Patio Shade" **Please Note, Elon**

Tesla & Elon Musk have always been about doing things BETTER THAN old ICE cars. Elon has openly said he sought to make the Model S most compelling car in the world -- and he has, as is widely recognized.

But on the Model X, the Falcon wing doors, while definitely an improvement over old style doors in egress / entry for the back seats, do create greater interior exposure to the elements simply because they create a much larger opening than old style doors. In response to a question on this issue, Elon himself said something to the effect of well, even with other door styles you do get rain etc into the vehicle, but the Falcon Wing door does cover the opening.

Yes, the Falcon Wing door does protect from directly vertical rainfall. But rainfall is almost always is slanted. So let's make the Model X BETTER than other cars: prevent rain from getting in. Think "Patio Shade."

As the door opens, if it's raining or if there's snow on the car, an umbrella-style or accordion-style or even simply hard plastic extra ~18" of 'patio shade' extends out from the door on both sides; it retracts as the door closes. Make it with a fail-safe collapse-back function (eg spring loaded or electromagnetically driven to close -- it 'wants' to close.

Then with the door open, you can stand there comfortably even in fairly heavy rain, with absolutely no ingress of rain.

I'll probably aftermarket develop this if you don't OEM it, Elon. :)

cloroxbb | October 15, 2013

I like the idea. Would there be a risk of the "accordion" becoming frozen, and "sticking" and preventing proper use of the door(s) at times?

logicalthinker | October 15, 2013

that's why I say make it fail-safe spring closed

logicalthinker | October 15, 2013

at risk of not being a premium effect you could have a manual override. But I think engineers can design windows that consistently open/close, so they should be able to design this (it's like a window "closing" i.e. extending out, sideways).

aaquino22 | October 15, 2013

I have a great idea Elon. All it requires is a stretchable, elastic,and easily replaceable rubber material that follows the trim of the falcon doors. The rubber is attached to the ceiling portion of the door trim. The other part of the rubber would be connected to the falcon door's perimeter near the ceiling and window. It would be obvious placed on both the front and rear side of the falcon door. This minor addition allows a person to stand inside as the falcon wing door is open but would fix the overall slanted rain or snow to enter the cab from the ceiling. I hope this idea can be considered.

Your loyal Tesla supporter and Model X Reservation holder,