fold in sideview mirrors

fold in sideview mirrors

Anyone get pricing on installing the folding sideview mirrors on your model S. Is's totally ridiculos if the harness is in the arm panel it's $2000.00 if it's not it's $4000.00.It was not available when I got my S which was only 8 months ago. I think they should make some compensation for it,seeing a $20,000.00 Kia comes standard with it.

sberman | May 19, 2014

You elected not to purchase the $20,000 Kia. You had all the information available when you purchased the Tesla to be informed it did not come with folding mirrors. You elected to purchase the Tesla without them.

pdzamore | May 19, 2014

Why is it ridiculous to pay a premium for retrospective hardware upgrades? No other manufacturer even supports such upgrades. My power mirrors cost $1600. I also upgraded to extended leather. Despite the jaw-dropping price, I'm glad I did both. And my service center tried hard to talk me out of the leather upgrade. What car company begs you not spend money with them?

The upgrade price is designed to prevent competition for parts between new deliveries and upgrades. It is designed to discourage owners from upgrading, but isn't quite the same as saying "no, of course we can't give you our new feature in last year's car."

To me, it seems like a fair, free-market approach: software upgrades are always free; hardware upgraded are expensive.

greatkillssply | May 21, 2014

Listen a $100,000.00 car should have that as standard equipment bottom line!

TimJ | May 21, 2014

Cars worked fine 8 months ago without folding mirrors. Don't see the problem here.

JohnnyMac | May 21, 2014

All mirrors fold. Some are just manual rather than automatic. Hardware upgrades in the auto industry are rare. At least Tesla offers them. Tesla also offers software feature upgrades which is game changing. This is no different than any other technology. That said, in general, you get what you get when you buy. There will always be a better option that follows. Only you can decide when to buy in. And you did.

NKYTA | May 21, 2014

I really should weigh in here as I really wanted the folding mirrors and parking sensors, but after 15 months of ownership, I just don't see the need anymore.

Based on a suggestion from a forum owner, the auto-backup moving mirrors are enough for in and out of the garage. After driving a loaner with the Gen I parking sensors, and curb heights being low, I didn't feel the need - just drive and be sensible.

riceuguy | May 21, 2014

Would I like to have gotten the folding mirrors? Definitely, as the car barely squeezes into my garage. Did they exist when I got my car? No. Why should Tesla subsidize my mirrors? I mean, do you think on the 2012 Kia if you went to the dealer and offered them $2k that they would install the folding mirrors? Nope. Tesla is incredibly customer focused to even offer these kinds of retrofits; if you really wanted folding mirrors that badly, you could have either bought a car that offered them or waited to see if Tesla added them. The sense of entitlement in this country is out of control!