G Force

G Force

For those engineers out there, how many, or what percentage of G's does the P85 "pull" from 0-10, 0-30, 0-60?

It is Sunday, so no math for me.


nickjhowe | May 19, 2013

Assuming 0-60 is 4sec, then the Model S pulls 0.7g

Don't know the 0-10 or 0-30 times off the top of my head so can't calculate the g's.

nickjhowe | May 19, 2013

Just found the 0-30 time measured at 2.0s on this site, so still 0.7g

Deceleration is about 1.16g (30-0 in 27ft, 60-0 in 108ft)

So 0-60-0 is about 6.4 sec. And some uncomfortable passengers.

Shesmyne2 | May 19, 2013

Thanks Nick!

hsadler | May 19, 2013


"So 0-60-0 is about 6.4 sec."

Which means I can go from 0 to 60 to 0 and back to 60 before my previous car goes from 0 to 60.

Did I get that right... I'm so confused?

nickjhowe | May 19, 2013

@hsadler - Assuming your previous car took 6.5s or longer to get to 60, and assuming you have a P85, then yes, you could go from rest to 60 and brake to a stop before your old car would get to 60.

And in the process you'd go about 288 ft (96yds).

If you pace it out, it is a remarkably short distance.

Robert22 | May 19, 2013

Think football field. You'd be starting with your rear bumper touching one goal post, be doing 60 at the fifty yard line, and be stopped before you hit the opposing goal post (more or less).

Disclaimer: Don't try this at your local high school.

nickjhowe | May 19, 2013

Actually if you start with your bumper at the goal post (i.e., parked in the end zone), you'll hit 60 as the nose of the car crosses the opposite 45yd line, and you'd stop with your nose on the 9yd line (assuming you are driving on pavement and not on grass)

FWIW, As you come to a stop, Usain Bolt would be just crossing the 50yd line doing 27mph and would crash into the back of the car a couple of seconds later.

hsadler | May 20, 2013


No no.... you misunderstood.
I said 0 to 60 to stop and back to 60. Much quicker than my SmartCar just going to 60.
And I don't have a P.

txjak | May 20, 2013

Anybody tried one of the accelerometer apps yet?

Brian H | May 20, 2013

That would be a hilarious race to watch.

nickjhowe | May 20, 2013

@txjak - I tried it but I ran out of road. Not only do you need to do zero to 60, you need to fund for a distance at 60 to calibrate it. Finding a road where I can do sixty, but also be stationary and not a danger to other traffic proved too difficult.

@hsadler - sorry for the miss. Yes, 0-60-0-60 would be about 10.5 seconds. and would beat MANY ICE cars.

markapeterman | May 20, 2013

I thought this thread was about Mark, Jason, Tiny, and Princess in the fiery phoenix...oh well.

Pbfoot | May 20, 2013

+1 markapeterman!