Gas prices rising

Gas prices rising

I see consumers on the news at the pump complaining about gas prices every day. They complain and say there's nothing they can do. As an EV owner, I disagree!

Laryrob | February 18, 2013

sucks for them!

Bubba2000 | February 18, 2013

The Fed is pumping $45B in Treasuries and $45B to buy mortgage bonds/month. Foreign governments are doing the same. Even though oil production is up in the US, prices are still going up with all these $$$ sloshing around. Brent Crude is even more expensive by at least $20/B. Gasoline in the EU is $9-10/US Gal in some places.

I think the price of Model S 85P would have to drop to $60k. People paying $80-100k do not care about gasoline price in the US. Yet. | February 18, 2013

I took delivery on 12/29. Are gas prices going up? I hadn't noticed.

tvntesla | February 18, 2013

ICE advocates say they don't have "range anxiety". But they never accept that they have "gas price anxiety". The fact that we can do something about the range of the Model S and we can drive long distance. ICE advocates can not do anything about gas price. It simply out of their control and they still succumb to gas. Read the comments of "ordinary" people for the infamous NYT article. One guy said that reading the "range anxiety" of EV drivers and he laughs all the way to the gas station. Well, I think that he will stop laughing at the gas station looking at the price.

Brian H | February 18, 2013

You must have missed noticing all the MS buyers who never spent more than $20K for a car in their life before. And/or who budgeted their whole lives for the next 10 yrs to afford the MS. You should get out more.

olanmills | February 18, 2013

Yeah Andrew18, what is wrong with people! All they have to do is go out and buy a $60 - 100k car!

Leafs and Volts are also expensive, and even then, they can't meet everyone's needs.

It will take many years before EV is a good option for all consumers.

Dr. Bob Reinke | February 18, 2013

GRIN---sorry, can't wipe that smile off my face..