Get Amped coming back to Scottsdale

Get Amped coming back to Scottsdale

I just received an email about an upcoming Get Amped test drive event in Scottsdale. April 26th-28th at Fashion Square. Just reserved my test drive, which will be my first time behind the wheel. Fired up! That should make the 3 weeks after even more unbearable to wait.

Brian H | April 15, 2013

Trying to maximize the discomfort of the final wait time. Beautiful pain! Masochist.

skymaster | April 16, 2013


Get ready for a massive "TESLA GRIN" It will only be a tease.

Driving the Model S becomes an addiction. (I have no desire to drive any of the other 3 cars we have)

unclegeek | April 16, 2013

Me too! I stopped in to Fashion Square after my haircut today and got signed up.. this is crazy exciting for me.. since all I've gotten to do is fondle the one on the showroom floor.. they're supposed to call me in the next couple days to confirm which day/time slot I got. WOOHOO!!

benemac | April 28, 2013

How did everyone enjoy their test drive? Ours was very eventful. Started out with us getting in the car with our rep. The time on the clock was 11:13. My husbands birthday is Nov 13. An omen to buy? I'm all for it, but hubby says few years from now. Anyway, Robert, my husband, guns it on surface roads. I felt like I was in a rocket. What acceleration! We now get to drive on the freeway where he can really test the car. I asked if they cleared the stretch of all cops. Laughter ensues. We went past a car on the ramp like it was standing. He drove to the next exit so we could come return on the freeway for the end of the drive. Of course, he wanted to try one more acceleration. This one wasn't unnoticed. We had a cop behind us. As we tried to find a place to stop, the only spot was a gas station. A Tesla at a gas station! He was going 80 according to the cop and he scolded my husband. After 10 to 15 mins of trying to explain the situation and find the insurance info, the officer who was very belligerent initially became much kinder. Not sure if he spoke to someone on his radio about what was happening or if our rep got us out of a ticket, but we received a warning. I guess the Scottsdale store will always remember us. :). The manager is giving my husband a free hat if he comes back next week. Heck yeah! We still don't know when we're going to be able to do this (Model S or Gen III), but I know it is in our future. Great car! Love Elon and what he's trying to accomplish. And we have a nice pic from the experience with our warning in hand. Now if the stock keeps going north, maybe I can take the profits and get a car sooner.

unclegeek | April 29, 2013

Our drive was great.. after waiting 7 months to get a chance to drive this car!. @benemac, you're experience has become folklore by the way.. our rep told us of a "tester" who got pulled over and only got a warning.. You're so lucky since that would have been a very expensive ticket and Scottsdale cops aren't known for their leniency either. Glad you made it out of that situation. BTW, I hit 90. :D
My wife is from Munich and I think the clincher for her was when we fired up TuneIn radio and dialed in Radio Gong 96.3 streaming live from Munich, complete with album art.. she felt like she was driving in Germany again. :) DAMN would I like to get the MS out on the autobahn!! Anyway.. everything about that car was above expectations.. except the backseat.. that is one low feature, low comfort back bench.. but we don't plan to ride back there so it's not the main purchase consideration.

fluxemag | April 29, 2013

I had a fantastic drive. I took the Multi-coat red out at 11AM Sunday and absolutely crushed the accelerator pedal. The Tesla rep was not surprised at all. I did a full 0-60 run, followed by a very aggressive turn onto the freeway on ramp where I got it to a speed that I would rather not disclose. Perhaps this is why there were cops for those that drove after me. Sorry about that, but glad it was only a warning. I had regen on standard and sport steering mode, both of which felt great. It was hard to get in the old clunker on the way home (G37 sport coupe).

The whole thing was just so impressive. I brought my petrol-head friend who was very interested after the drive. I like that I have heard the 60 still feels fast after driving the P85. 4 more weeks!

swhardy | April 29, 2013

I'm jealous! When I did the test drive in Scottsdale in July they had limited the cars to 70 mph. I was very tempted to do another test drive but since my delivery window is May 3-17 I didn't want to take the spot of a potential buyer.

hoffa24 | April 29, 2013

It sounds like it was a great day too bad about the police presence. I talked to the manager on Saturday night and he told me that two people who did test drives earlier in the day scraped the rims so come clean guys, who did it ;-) . My 60 is being delivered in a week so maybe our cars will be on the same truck . it sounds like there will need to be another meet up in phoenix soon.