Great quote from Cadillac chief engineer for electric vehicles

Great quote from Cadillac chief engineer for electric vehicles

Pamela Fletcher, executive chief engineer for electrified vehicles with General Motors added the following:

“The electric drive is the ultimate luxury attribute—the absolute smoothness of the driving experience, the quietness of the driving experience, the acceleration. Some people won’t care about the green thing but will really like the driving experience. Later they’ll start to notice they’re not having to go to the gas station anymore.”

Roamer@AZ USA | July 15, 2013

I really miss stopping for gas and then feeling the need to buy junk food because I stopped. Losing a lot of weight not stopping at gas stations to fill up on gas and junk food.

I stopped to fill up my gas burning truck the other day and had to laugh that I could not remember which side the filler was on then got a little confused trying to turn the pump on. Just out of practice, had not been to a gas station in months.

I really like having a fuel source right in my garage at home.........

AmpedRealtor | July 15, 2013

Except that what Pamela Fletcher is saying does not apply to any vehicles sold by Cadillac.

RedShift | July 15, 2013

I love the look on the owner's face when he sees me pull in only to use the restroom and buy a pack of gum.
(Many Bay Area gas station owners know about the S)

Brian H | July 15, 2013

If you add a chocolate bar, you're probably contributing nearly as much to his profit margin as the gas would've.

tes-s | July 15, 2013

She must drive a Model S.

sia | July 15, 2013

I considered the Cadillac ELR before buying the Tesla Model S.

The ELR has such a disappointing Electric range. It looks like they took the same battery out of Chevy Volt and put it in a heavier car; so it has even shorter Electric range than the Volt!

cloroxbb | July 15, 2013


Pretty sure that is basically exactly what they did :)

EJH | July 15, 2013

You know, there is a lot of significance in the Cadillac "electric" car. I used to think that the big automotive manufacturers were cleverly holding back their energy efficient designs, but now I think that it is confirmed that they are just plain dumb.
The ELR has "Fisker" written all over it.(and I am being generous)

My credentials for making such statements are nothing more than my two month exposure to my incredible red-on-black P85.
Case closed!!
P.S. This is probably what Elon means when he says that he welcomes competition!

AmpedRealtor | July 15, 2013

What would even be the point of plugging-in something like this? The EV range is pathetic, so it clearly is not designed to be judged as an EV. Yet the media reports this vehicle as an EV. Really, are people this dumb? If a startup with limited funds can sell a 265 mile range 4-door EV sedan for $80,000, surely GM can make a capital investment to completely dwarf Tesla and leverage its massive supply chain to create an even longer range EV for half the price. Obviously nobody but Tesla has the will or the spirit to make this happen. The big auto makers only see EV technology as a supplement ICE engines as a way to improve MPG or tout some performance angle. But they refuse to cut the cord.

Brian H | July 15, 2013

No, Tesla is just a tool and a prod for Elon to help bring electrification to the roads. He wants to inspire/force collaboration/competition.

shs | July 15, 2013

My point was the not only is the EV range pathetic, but the MPG in gas mode is also pathetic. Perhaps this is the nature of serial hybrids as it seems that parallel hybrids get much better overall mileage compared to serial hybrids past the limited EV range.

rmitchum | July 16, 2013

still, "lipstick on a pig"