Here's how to teach NJ /CC a lesson

Here's how to teach NJ /CC a lesson

Tesla is so good the traditional car dealerships lobbied to get in state sales banned. But thankfully you can buy Tesla online.

All NJ Tesla owners are rightfully upset by their governor and other elected officials neither representing the will of the people nor the common values of the free market that have helped make this country great.

So here's what to do: EVERY Tesla owner in NJ, double down on selling Teslas to your friends, family, business contacts, literally EVERYONE who might be able to afford one.

Let Christie's office know each time you succeed in selling another Tesla. That's tax revenue lost. This would tell them the public didn't agree with their move. To maintain this effort for even a couple months would require substantial devotion/focus, but I bet your injury by the Dealerships/bought-out politicians will go a long way to energizing your efforts.

Or maybe Tesla itself could opt to divulge quarterly NJ car sales numbers to Christie. Numbers talk.

It would be nice to see a major uptick in Tesla sales after they were banned in NJ.

Remember the key point: Tesla is so good the traditional car dealerships lobbied the politicians to block their sales here (NJ).

That speaks volumes. They don't want you the customer to have a chance at buying the car.

S_X_NJ | March 11, 2014

I wish we, the people could make a difference. Quickly.

MassX1317 | March 11, 2014

You pay tax to the state the car is registered. The state loses nothing unfortunately.

logicalthinker | March 11, 2014

Literally: everyone who owns a Tesla in NJ, give at least one test ride every week.

Just make it happen. Extend your network like you've never done before.

Ask your well-to-do friends and friends of friends, "who do you know that might buy a Tesla? I'll take you out to dinner with them, test drive included free."

Do it every week at least. Let people know.

Knock sales out of the ballpark.

logicalthinker | March 11, 2014

Sales tax even? Didn't realize.

Still, increasing Tesla sales after the ban would be great news.

logicalthinker | March 11, 2014

Look at it like this: if these politicians/dealerships get their way, Tesla will be severely injured.

Your car. The best car in the world. The most revolutionary change in transportation since the automobile. Squelched.

Because that's what they are literally doing. So yes:

Schedule Tesla sales hours weekly on your calendars.

MassX1317 | March 11, 2014

I just looked it up. Tesla may be exempt from sales tax in NJ as it's a qualified ZEV.

ChopinBlues | March 11, 2014

Tesla should go to court over this -- how can this possibly be legal?

Philip2 | March 11, 2014

There is no sales tax on electric cars in NJ as far as I remember

mbarontseff | March 11, 2014

I didn't think it was legal.
Who decides what product can be sold directly to the consumer? A lot of companies sell directly to consumers now. ( Dell's whole business model).

I hope this gets overturned...Tesla deserves better.

VidaDePaz | March 11, 2014

As a Texan, I feel that this kind of political stances on a great product is sickening. Once the anti-Tesla legislation was passed here, I became even more determined to get a Tesla. So if you are on the fence or know someone who is, this is the time to purchase this product. The only language that politicians speak is money, so use money that would otherwise fuel an unfair system for something you believe in. Driving a Tesla in a hostile environment (Arizona, Texas and now New Jersey) is the best middle finger to those idiots.

Mathew98 | March 11, 2014

No sales taxes for EV in NJ. All 640 MS registered in NJ has been exempted from state sale taxes.

Christ C. always had a reputation as a bully. He will literally eat your lunch. His extra large head can only be matched by his extra, extra large rear end!

The fiasco with GWB lane closure as a payback for the local mayor NOT backing his re-election campaign was just the tip of the iceberg.

Just sit and wait for the whole circus to unveil itself in the coming months. There goes the presidential bid...

mrspaghetti | March 11, 2014

NJ politicians are as dirty as they come, sadly.

Out4aDuck | March 11, 2014

You guys make it sound like Christie drafted this legislation himself. In fact, all legislation in this country originates with lobbyists. In this case, the auto dealers' lobby. And if you want laws to change, you need to operate through a lobby. You can't just wish laws were different. Unfortunately, Tesla needed to do better homework on this one. I hope they're better prepared for China, because it's going to be a heck of a lot tougher there.

tonysled | March 11, 2014

China has no ban on direct sales of autos so none of this dealership nonsense applies. Of course that not to say there may be other issues selling into China.

jordanrichard | March 11, 2014

I asked this in another thread, but to me this isn't a show stopper. Open a bunch of galleries to "educate" about EVs, hell throw a Leaf on the floor. This would only enhance the impression that this gallery is to "inform". Test drives, do as they do here in CT hold driving events at random places through out the state. People then go online and order their car, buying it from CA. As long as all required monies are paid directly to CA, then no sale took place in NJ. Therefore Tesla isn't selling cars in NJ. This is the exact set up here in CT.

redders | March 11, 2014

Out4aDuck - you seem to be justifying the current political system of bribery (or lobbying as it is commonly called). With a screen name like that, I assume you are well traveled enough to know that the US laws which permit PACs and lobbying but call the same thing illegal overseas (the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) are wrong.

Tesla didn't bribe Christie. Good for them.

kenj | March 11, 2014

Do you pay sales tax in NJ when you register a vehicle? I don't think so.

This is just going make people buy in another state. Yes NJ will lose revenue.

In a place that has horrendous problems with air quality -- one would suspect they are doing everything possible to limit emissions.

redders | March 11, 2014

They should start by limiting emissions from Christie.

jordanrichard | March 11, 2014

Kenj, NJ won't lose any revenue on an EV because there weren't making any in the first place. They don't charge sales tax on EVs. Even here in CT and I am sure this applies to other states. If one buys a car out of state, as soon as you try and register it here, you pay sales CT tax. So CT doesn't car where you buy your car, they will get their piece. I only wish CT was like NJ and not charge sales tax on EVs.

jeffsstuff | March 11, 2014

There is no sales tax on any electric vehicle sold in New Jersey.

Chris Christie is a bully. Everyone here knows that. Well, anyone who opens their eyes.

I think this is just going to provide necessary impetus for Tesla to file a federal lawsuit. In a battle between Elon Musk and Chris Christie, where would you put your bed? I for one one would wager on the side of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and technology. Who wants to bet on lard ass?

jeffsstuff | March 11, 2014

Sorry, "where would you put your bet?"

tonysled | March 11, 2014

I think the best way to combat this issue might be to do nothing. The people who want a Tesla have the resources to get one regardless of these phony dealership requirements. They can buy it in a neighboring state for example. There is no law that prohibits registering a car you purchased in another state since taxes are collected and paid to the state you register the car in. I bought mine online without ever test driving or even seeing the car in person. I find it very hard to believe a consumer in NJ will not buy a Tesla elsewhere if they really wanted one.

Sales Centers are nice but current Tesla owners are the best sales people because we know the capabilities of this car and we have real world experience with it. If someone you know (or don't for that matter) asks you for a ride or wants to see your Tesla, then take them for a spin or meet up for coffee when it's convenient for you (so they can ogle yours). Three people I have taken for a ride eventually bought one themselves and two of those people I didn't even know! That's not to say everyone who stops to ask you questions or goes for a ride buys one but a fair amount will. I am genuinely excited when people come up to me and ask me about my Model S and am happy to answer their questions. This is one way we can combat the dealership requirements and it does work!

We as owners are ambassadors of the Tesla brand and we bear a responsibility to spread the word regardless of how pig headed some of our politicians are. These states will come around eventually due to public pressures. Tesla should focus their efforts in the states that allow direct sales to consumers and get their numbers up. Proof of concept always trumps smoke and mirrors.

dborn | March 11, 2014

No restriction on direct sales in Australia either. We are slated to get our pricing within the next fortnight (yippeeeee).
I suggest a good "middle finger" would be Tesla owner get togethers, for a picnic outside various dealers showrooms, with an invitation for their sales staff to come take a test ride!! Maybe on signs like picketers.

hsadler | March 12, 2014

No sales tax on EVs
But there is tax on electricity.
And that would probably be offset by loss of tax on Gas. (Think NJ's is lowest due to refineries there)

AmpedRealtor | March 12, 2014

@ Out4aDuck - You are promoting legalized bribery. Lobbying should be illegal, not promoted. The system needs to be changed.

I hope Tesla sues all of the states where its sales model has been blocked. Tesla only needs its case to bubble up to federal court and it will prevail.

Michael_Bluth | March 12, 2014 you gave me an idea - referral bonus (service credit, ranger calls, etc.) for current tesla owners in NJ who get another NJ resident to purchase.

rocketscientist34563 | March 12, 2014

I wrote this as a reply to the Tesla Blog...similar to what is being discussed. Yes it would be wonderful if sales increased! : )

My comment:
Don’t fight on their turf fight on yours. Do what you are good at and they will crumble…they stand on weak pillars. Be the amazing engineering company that you are and fight them with everything that this represents. Your product needs no advertising, show them it does not need NJ CAR. Tesla has demonstrated over and over that its customers are valued. Do that with all your might…in NJ. Consumer’s rights were not the priority in this ruling but Tesla can demonstrate the direct opposite. I’ve seen test drives given at charity events…I expect Tesla can have a presence in NJ. Valet customers (NJ is small) to neighboring states, service centers. Sponsor science fairs in every high school in NJ. You have the best product, the best service, the best commitment to truly delivering a green car with no compromise. Build it and they will come…the public will do the rest. Imagine the powerful message that is sent when Tesla sells with NJ’s law. At that point the court of public opinion will build Tesla Stores in NJ. Just don’t fight it on their turf.
Silent resolve has been and will be Tesla’s strength. Fight on…Tesla Style.

carlk | March 12, 2014

Also don't forget to send letters to GM, Lexus, MB, BMW, Audi....dealers and let them know the purchase could have been going to you but what you did backfired on you.

Out4aDuck | March 12, 2014

I'm neither condoning nor promoting bribery. But in this country, that's the way business is done. Our political system makes it impossible to do otherwise. You and I can wish it were different, but it's not.

LuchoFC | March 12, 2014

I just got my Model S and I have already sold two other cars, everyone wants a ride in the car, is amazing that not many people know about it, in New Jersey they can do the same, people that own the car can give test drives, only the public can win this battle. It's a shame that Elon Musk has to spend 80% of his time fighting back politicians instead of using that time to accelerate the technology.

Out4aDuck | March 12, 2014

I guess my other point was that car dealership/franchise laws have been on the books for decades. This is not something new that Christie sprung on Tesla in the darkness of the night. In fact, the risks of the dealership/franchise laws were highlighted in Tesla's IPO prospectus years ago:

“We sell our vehicles from our Tesla stores as well as over the internet. We may not be able to sell our vehicles through this sales model in each state in the United States as many states have laws that may be interpreted to prohibit internet sales by manufacturers to residents of the state or to impose other limitations on this sales model, including laws that prohibit manufacturers from selling vehicles directly to consumers without the use of an independent dealership ..."

Brian H | March 12, 2014

The commission to owners for selling idea has been floated often, but instantly contaminates the owners' communication with cynical doubt about motives. TM is considering some form of compensation-in-kind, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

logicalthinker | March 12, 2014

I agree, selling the car because you love it speaks volumes when you are not being compensated.

jordanrichard | March 12, 2014

I too agree. If one knows they get another say, free service, it will undoubtedly have an affect on one's tone when talking about the car.