How do i get someone to buy?

How do i get someone to buy?

I'm trying to convince my dad to purchase the Tesla Roadster.
I gave him all the facts and advantages of driving an EV, he has the money but he's thinking of buying a BMW M3 instead because of the price difference.

Help please


rletourneau | September 11, 2010

Have him take a test drive. The car is amazing. Once you drive one, you will want it. If he can afford it, he should get it. If the price is a little out of range, point out the cost savings of electric vs gas. This could be as much as $200/month. Add to that the maintenance costs over the life of the car.

Good luck!!

Earl and Nagin ... | September 11, 2010

I agree with RichardL. Get him to take a test drive. Preferably before and after test driving the M3.
Depending on his concerns/values, you might want to mention the benefits the Tesla brings to our future to him as well.
He can have fun in the M3 but he can have even more fun AND help save the planet in the Tesla.

Timo | September 11, 2010

That approach might fail. Once you get your father to drive Roadster he buys it for himself and you get whatever he had been driven before. Of course if that is Aston Martin DB9 or something like that it might still be better than BMW M3. :-)

Ishiwago | September 11, 2010

I'm having the same problem as you. My dad is very bent on getting a BMW 5 Series or more rather than getting an EV. looking for other ways to change his mindset too other than going to test drive the roadster.

"Add to that the maintenance costs over the life of the car", read in the forums somewhere that yearly maintenance was $600 a year for the roadster right?

rletourneau | September 14, 2010

Have him compare the 5 series to the Tesla Model S.

He'll have until September 30 to reserve a Model S and lease a Roadster until the Model S is ready, at which point he can get out of the lease and take delivery of the S.

BTW, if he reserves a Signature Model S, he'll get $10,000 off the purchase price!

Brian H | September 16, 2010

Throw tantrums!
"When in doubt,
Scream and shout!
Wave your hands,
And run about!"

Vawlkus | September 21, 2010

Not quite Brian :P


"When in danger,
or in doubt,
run in circles,
scream and shout"

Talkredius | September 23, 2010

@Ishiwago : Tell your father, that only old men are driving the BMW 5 Series. For assistance I can send you some german commercials :-)

Ishiwago | September 23, 2010

@malkanterius. hahaha. for all you know he might just agree with me and go ahead with the 5 Series :P

you can email me if you want.