How will they sort out the P reservations given he battery size priorities?

How will they sort out the P reservations given he battery size priorities?

I have to assume that pretty soon they will be contacting the low Ps like me (457). I plan on getting the 80kWh battery, but not everyone will. I assume they will have a process where you submit your order and then, based on the configuration, a queue is established.

Has anyone asked about this at the stores or via email? I will try and stop by the NYC store this week to ask.

Schlermie | May 15, 2012

This has been confusing for a lot of people. There are roughly 9000 production models on order. They're not going to build all 85kWh vehicles from that lot of 9000 first. The manufacturing line for the 85kWh battery packs comes online first (now), and they'll build those vehicles exclusively until they can get their 60kWh packs online a few months later. At that point, they'll start building both 85kWh vehicles AND 60kWh vehicles until they get the 40kWh vehicles online a few months after that. At that point, they'll be manufacturing a mix of all 3 variants.

Yes, they'll have a queue for each of those battery packs when they come on-line. Since you've got number 457, you'll be pretty close to the top of the queue for the 60kWh(? I think you had a typo.) vehicles. I would bet you get delivery sometime in the Fall.

Somebody was floating a rumor that the Performance versions will also get preference in the queues, but that seems unlikely to me.

Liz G | May 15, 2012

I specifically asked about whether or not Performance S would get preference and I was told no. Because the production line was configured to produce both the 85kw and Performance for Sigs, it would be the same for Production models.

DallasTXModelS | May 15, 2012

According to my Product Specialist/Configuration Specialist "This year, following Signature, we will produce our 85kWh pack. We will next be producing our 60kWh pack, followed by the 40kWh.  (Roughly Summer, Fall, Winter, respectively). This only affects 2012, as by the end of 2012 we will now have everything in place to produce a car fitted with any size battery pack."

Timo | May 16, 2012

That's not full sequence of 85 then 60 then 40, just that they start with 85 and later add 60 and even later add 40 into mix. They will eventually make all three battery models in parallel without any preference whatsoever.

85 -------------------------------->
60 --------------------->
40 ----------->

Timo | May 16, 2012

D*mn, this forum seems to cut leading spaces. Lets try that again:

85 ----------------------->

Mike_ModelS_P457 | May 16, 2012

Timo, I agree that is how it will work. Eventually all will be built out, plus the Model X and future cars, in parallel.

My interest is if anyone knows the process they are going to use to start. I assume a batch of P's will get contacted and based on what battery they select they queue will be established. Repeat until production is mature enough to be on-demand based on battery / options.

Make sense?

CarlE_P439 | May 16, 2012

Makes sense to me. Mike, we'll probably be contacted around the same time (going for the 85kWh battery pack as well). I hope they remain on schedule!

Liz G | May 16, 2012

I asked my rep this question a few weeks ago and at that time he said they were still working out the details. No amount of pressing would get him to give me any details or possibilities of what they were thinking of doing.

Brian H | May 16, 2012

the "pre" tag works ---
85 -------------------------------->
60 --------------------->
40 ----------->

Means "preformatted".

Timo | May 18, 2012

pre -tag shrinks the font. maybe "code" works better. Lets see.

85 -------------------------------->
60 --------------------->
40 ----------->

Timo | May 18, 2012

No, no luck there. "pre" apparently is the only accepted one that keeps the leading spaces with fixed width font.

mbcaffe | May 18, 2012

Hope this helps. I am P3446 and inquired on approximate delivery. I plan on getting the 40 Kwh battery. I got this response two days ago.
"The plan in 2012 is to build about 5,000 cars – 1,000 Signature and 4,000 general production with the first deliveries in July. Our factory will need to ramp up production, so initial deliveries will be relatively slow with the vast majority of the first 5,000 going out to customers in the fourth quarter of this year. Delivery timing in 2012 will depend on some option selection, most notably the battery. The 85 kWh will begin production in the summer, the 60 kWh in the fall and the 40 kWh in the winter."

Brian H | May 19, 2012

Odd response, considering that first deliveries in June have already been announced. I suppose if you insert the word "significant" after "first", it's accurate enough. Though we have indications that it's "under-promising" to be on the safe side.

I would extrapolate that to mean you'd get your 40kwh somewhere around next Mar-April, as you must have one of the lowest 40kwh #s on the books.

Teoatawki | May 19, 2012

In one of Elon's investor talks, he said some 40Kwh cars would be delivered in December.

Volker.Berlin | May 21, 2012

In one of Elon's investor talks, he said some 40Kwh cars would be delivered in December. (Teoatawki)

Can you find a reference? IIRC, he was referring to the 60kWh, not the 40kWh.

Nick Kordich | May 21, 2012

Here's what I found in reviewing the earnings calls:

Elon: Sure. So I do expect that is going to be weighted towards the higher-end versions of the Model S. And necessarily for the signature series which (inaudible) all the options -- the first 1,000 vehicles. But then even beyond that, we’re -- we don’t deliver regular series with (inaudible) mile range, and then we got to the 230-mile range. And then 160-mile range (inaudible) 2012, early next year. So that’s necessarily going to shift the weighting towards the higher-end version of the Model S.

-2011 Q4 Earnings call

Elon: Look, now for the first several months of production, we’re going to constrain that the option mix to a pretty high, you have to order stuff that’s got a pretty high option mix initially. And we said this several months ago, for the first five months or so, we want to be offering the 160-mile range vehicle, it will just be the 300-mile and 230mile range.

-2011 Q3 Earnings call

Timo | May 21, 2012

I guess "want" should be "wont" in that last sentence.