Ideal temp for Tesla, and range loss questions

Ideal temp for Tesla, and range loss questions

If hot and cold aren't good for the Tesla battery as far as range loss, what is the ideal temperature range?

How's 60-degrees? Any guess as to how much daily range loss I'll get just parking it at that temp?

I'm asking because I'm investigating local NYC parking garages, most of which are underground, Temp 60-degrees. It's possible I will only be able to charge it at a pay J1772 charging station when I first drop off the car, and when I leave (sometimes weeks later) - and so I want to get a sense of how much range I will lose per day. There is also a chance I'll be able to plug into a regular 120v outlet during the week. Which, depending on how long I go between uses, might allow me to do a lot of my charging that way. Which leads to one more question:

Any guess as to what rate it will charge at, on a 120v, at 60 degrees?


gasnomo | April 5, 2013

in that situation (I live in NY near the city), you will still see the 'vampire drain' of 1 or so miles per hour or two, until it discharges about 10 miles, then it will charge back up shouldn't have a problem. on a standard 110V plug, its about 5miles per hour, with a J1772 its about 20m per hour.