Initial reactions to the P85+

Initial reactions to the P85+

I took delivery of my grey/grey/black/CF P85+ yesterday and drove it the 120 miles home from the service center outside Columbus, Ohio. Then drove the family out for ice cream, and my wife drove it back. Some initial thoughts (after the requisite glamour shot)...

Parked between two Roadsters! :-)

1) I love the suspension. It's firm, but still very comfortable (to me). My entire car-owning history has been sports cars, so I may have a tolerance higher than most for "road feel" being transmitted into the cabin. That said, it's composed and I haven't detected any of the "butt wiggle" that plagued the other MSes I drove. So, awesome job, Tesla suspension engineers!

2) I have become a nervous wreck getting it in and out of my garage. It's a 9-foot, single-wide opening, but I have to make a 90-degree turn to exit to the street. This car is WIDE and I woke up last night during a nightmare where I had scraped the rear fender against the garage door column. First-world problems, I know.

3) The family unanimously loves this car. Even my wife, and she's not at all a car person.

4) It's true...people speed up and slow down to look at the car when you're driving down the highway. At least outside Tesla-saturated California they do. ;-)

5) I have a very faint whistle from the pano roof when going above 70mph. I don't do that often (my commute is all city streets), and I can't hear it with the stereo on, so I probably won't worry about it. That said, if it needs to be checked out by a ranger for another issue, I'll tell him about it.

6) The Columbus, Ohio service center is ridiculously small -- just two repair bays -- given that they serve all Teslas in a 6-state region. Please, Tesla, put another service center in Cincinnati.

7) When I was getting onto the highway, I floored it (and nearly peed my pants). Then, around 65mph, I discovered an interesting phenomenon: my right foot was letting up off the accelerator pedal, my left foot was frantically trying to find the clutch pedal, and my right hand was searching in the empty space between the seats for the gear-shift knob. I laughed...old muscle memories die hard.

To-do's for today: A) practice pulling into and out of my garage; B) install Alloygators; C) grin.

tobi_ger | July 30, 2013

Congratulations, beautiful car!

The C) option is not optional, even when not awake. :)

Navi | July 30, 2013

Have fun with your P85+!

Please do report point 5 about the panoroof to Tesla, just so they can fix it for others who do drive on the freeway!

lolachampcar | July 30, 2013

It's home.
Now to train your right foot to use the accelerator pedal correctly.

Blvr888 | July 30, 2013

Beautiful shot, congratulations!

Bighorn | July 30, 2013

Can't remember if I knew, but we have the exact same colors. I had my wife direct me into our garage like the gate directors at the airport. My garage is 7' 8" with 3 inches to spare on either side of the mirrors--closer to 7 inches at the rear flare--clench-worthy.

Congrats and enjoy--I know I'm tickled! The list of people I want to show keeps growing, but we're headed out of town for 5 weeks tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see if I can let go of the obsession and enjoy our vacation.

stsanford | July 30, 2013

With regard to the Pano roof, I have discovered:

1. You CANNOT close it at speeds over 70 MPH. It struggles to fight the wind resistance.
2. If it get a whistle, or rattle, I open it 20-30% then close it right away. Seems to "re-seat" it a bit.

Hope that helps. Enjoy your beauty. I have a lowly 60, but the same color combo. Elegant look.

nickjhowe | July 30, 2013


On the service center thing, the Dania location in Florida started out as Sales/Service with a couple of bays, then built out to four bays, then rebuilt as a four bay station for the Model S plus roadster. Now they've leased the unit next door along with upstairs office space. I'm sure they'll build out Columbus.

cfOH | July 30, 2013

Thanks, all.

@Bighorn, yes! The wife-serving-as-ground-crew bit is spot on.

@stsanford Yes, tried that at speed...had no effect. Others have found that re-closing it at near zero speeds can help...I'll have to try that.

@nickjhowe That was what they said; they're looking into leasing another unit in the same industrial park that is twice the size. That doesn't help the fact that their rangers are having to travel up to 400 miles on each trip.

emd1234 | July 30, 2013

It would be great for them to put a service center in the Cleveland area as well. I know several Model S owners and the Columbus center mentioned that the Rangers are "always going up that way".

yonak | July 30, 2013

What direction are you from Columbus. I'm 120 miles East with my P85.

Vicelike | July 30, 2013

I got mine yesterday as well so I can relate. My nit is the dash leather piece on the top of the dash which seems to have more up and down play that creates an impression of "flimsy"

Anyone else notice this or is it perhaps a defect unique to my car?

My sun roof is quiet up to 95 mph so I got lucky there.

carlk | July 30, 2013

Sounds like it's too fast for you, at least before you get used to it. What was the car(s) you were driving before?

mortgagebruce | July 30, 2013


Mine is the same way. I can take it with my hand and move it up and down. I noticed while cleaning it for the first time last night.

timmsteiner | July 30, 2013

@cfOH - lucky you! Apparently, mine wasn't on the same truck. It is on a different one going to Columbus by way of Minnesota and Chicago only to be delivered back to Indiana. Ugh. VIN 16412.

Colasec | July 30, 2013

Congrats Craig! :)

cfOH | July 30, 2013

@yonak: Cincinnati, so 120 miles SW of Columbus.

@carlk: Too fast for me? ha ha Not hardly. When you drive a car for 9 years, though, you get used to a certain throttle response, and anything quicker than that is going to be surprising the first time.

Thanks all.

Got my Alloygators installed today. That was a chore! But they look decent (by that, I mean you can barely notice them) and seem sturdy, so here's hoping my wheels will go mar-free for a long time.

Tomorrow, she goes in for paint correction and OptiCoating.

ian | July 30, 2013

Congrats on the new S!

Great to hear yet another sports car aficionado is happy with their +!

I'd love to see a picture from the side with the grey paint and grey wheels. Thanks!

Enjoy the ride as I'm sure you will!