Insurance on Model S

Insurance on Model S

Not sure if this has been noted previously, but today I got a quote from my agent for Insurance coverage on the Model S. I was pleasantly surprised when he asked about battery pack size, and car type ('reg', signature, performance, etc.). Meaning that all of the different car model variances are already in their system. Anyway my quote was about $80 per month, which is about 60% more than I pay for the Prius. A bit pricey, but then again you're comparing a car with a $10k blue book value ('05 Prius) to one with a $95k blue book value (est. of the '12 Model S).

Anyone else have insurance quote experience that they're willing to share?

Volker.Berlin | August 10, 2012

Here is a thread discussing insurance quotes. I'm almost sure there was (at least) one other, but I cannot find it right now:

Brian H | August 10, 2012
Volker.Berlin | August 10, 2012

Brian H, I found that one. It's from end 2010/beginning 2011 and does not contain any relevant information from today's perspective, IMO. I wonder if there was some more current thread on the same topic. Probably marked "private" so Google, once again, cannot find it...

youlikeadajuice | August 10, 2012

@electricblue....may I ask where you got your insurance quote from? Thanks.

JoeFee | August 10, 2012

AAA has all the Model S data in now and gave me a $1381 per year price (BI=500K $2000 deductible) with 2 cars/2 safe drivers/multi-policy/less than 2500mi yr driven on the S for a loaded Sig Perf (with Nissan Rouge $2008 per year).

Any quotes with out specific policy/model/battery spec is worthless!

electricblue0303 | August 10, 2012

I got my quote from my state farm agent

jlloyd | August 11, 2012

Those quotes are a pleasant surprise. Can I ask, what region of the country and are you more urban or rural?

Vic M | August 11, 2012

I got a quote yesterday from USAA for SF, CA. I think it was about $150 per month. The rep was confused when she pressed to know how many cylinders the vehicle had : )

JoeFee | August 11, 2012

I am in So CA city.

Slindell | August 11, 2012

Vic M: did you say, "One. It holds the electric motor."?

kyleket | August 24, 2012

Just heard from my Liberty Mutual agent today. $1714 for both my Model S (60 kWh) and my 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD. It would be $595/year more than the car it replaces - 2008 Hyundai Sonata Limited.

Still waiting to hear from State Farm.

I'm in Madison, WI. Res #7643

Michael23 | August 24, 2012

Yeah mine is like 150 a month too. Crazy!

PenguinOpus | August 24, 2012

I am paying $750 per year for 500k and 2k deductible in the SF Bay Area. State Farm with max discounts.

digitaltim | August 30, 2012

$111.85/month is my State Farm quote in the MD area - max discounts - $37 more/month that the Volvo XC90 it is replacing.

500k and 1k deductible.

digitaltim | August 30, 2012


rwang | December 9, 2012

Progressive Auto Insurance
1 accident/speeding incident
Male under 50
7000 miles

bodily injury, prop damage 250/500/100
uninsured bodily injury 100/300
medical payments $5000

comprehensive $250 deductible
collision $500 deductible
$30 rental car reimbursement for up to 30 days

$906.90 for 6 months

davecolene0606 | December 9, 2012

Me and Her (no young drivers for another 6 six years)
Quote on replacing our 2008 Highlander or 2008 Prius with the S.
No change in premium at all!

Sig 1366 VIN 1094 delivery soooooon!

Brian H | December 9, 2012

That's handy! Now if they'd take the ICE and sell it for you and use the proceeds to prepay your premiums ...

davecolene0606 | December 9, 2012

CARMAX.... It's on the way to Dania, just need a ride after we sell it. Looks like the Prius is goin as the wife likes the highlander and doesn't think she can bare the Prius until see gets her X!,

Brian H | December 9, 2012

Well, have your S delivered there, and you can drive it home!

davecolene0606 | December 9, 2012

Wiz tryin to cut Jaques some slack by showin up in Dania instead of having it trailered, poor guy is bustin a nut delivering cars and I figure it'll help him squeeze out another and make my stock go up!


iholtzman | December 9, 2012

I live in the Chicago area and got a quote from Geico for $532 every six months. VIN#1692 12,000 miles per year 50% pleasure $1,000 deductible.

pilotSteve | December 9, 2012

Sig (non-perf) in WA state. State Farm quoted me $464/6 months, about the same as my BMW 550. I have multiple policy, accident free and non under-25 driver discounts so that probably helped.

My agent said "wow, you are my first Tesla" when I called, so she knew somethings about the S.

GoTeslaChicago | December 14, 2012

With VIN in hand, applied for financing with Alliant, approved the next day for 1.99% , 72 months, and today got my insurance quote from COSTCO's captive insurance company. $599 per 6 months, about twice the rate my Prius or my wife's Honda Accord rate. Not bad, considering the cost of the car!

They didn't have any problems quoting the car.

Per O | December 14, 2012

Just got quote at $1170/year at Pure (in NJ)BI250/500, PIP250, UM250. Deductible is $1000

I currently have
2002 Mazda MPV with 20yr female driver $1326
2005 Acura TL with 22yr female driver $1665
2004 Acura TL with 58male driver $1124
I (58male) is switching to the Tesla (because I'm the one that paid!)and my wife becomes a "primary" driver

So extremely cheap for the Telsa. I'm sure all premiums will go thru the roof at renewal in March due to the massive losses from Hurricane Sandy | December 14, 2012

My guestimate from American Family was 1500 per year. They could not find Tesla in their system. I suggested they should talk to underwriting and try again...the other quotes listed here are a helpful reference.

nickjhowe | December 20, 2012

I just got my Progressive Insurance for $760 for 6 months. 48 yr old in FL.

OCMS | December 28, 2012

Just added 85 kWh perf to USAA policy, OC, CA. 78 dollars per month with 1000 dollar deduct.

john | April 11, 2013

Anyone use Amica insurance and have a quote? Thx

Theterrydickens | October 2, 2014

AAA won't insure a car registered to a family trust. Go figure. Their "Agency" won't insure Teslas. Awful. So, I have to wait for the DMV to send registration and then retitle in personal names. Meanwhile, I have to go find some insurance someplace else. If I hadn't been with AAA so long I would kiss them goodbye over this.

Captain_Zap | October 2, 2014

I had to leave an insurance company because they would not insure Porsches or Jaguars. Their loss. Only one claim in the 20+ years we had those cars. Another one wouldn't insure my house because I had a particular breed of dog. Never made a homeowners claim. What a racket...

SCCRENDO | October 2, 2014

Why would you put your car in a trust anyway. I have a family trust so I have asked my attorney this same question. No benefit. Although it's an expensive car it still depreciates and apparently no real tax advantages. That being said its weird that AAA would refuse to insure. I have had AAA for more than 20 years and have been great.