Interior / 3rd Row Occupant Seating - PHOTOS...

Interior / 3rd Row Occupant Seating - PHOTOS...

I've been following Tesla S news for years and have yet to see reasonable interior pictures. I understand that minor refinements are likely before formal launch however one would expect to see SOME photos since builds are expected to begin in the not to distant future.

Have I completely overlooked published photos or do they simply not exist?

Volker.Berlin | July 4, 2011

I'm in the same boat and I'm pretty sure that neither you nor I overlooked any pictures of the final Model S interior. They do not exist (or, at least, none are published).

bvadel | July 5, 2011

If we don't see photos within the next month or so then I'd venture to say that production will get pushed out once again which would be a shame.

VolkerP | July 6, 2011

why? Tesla doesn't even get a blog entry out of it's door that was announced for end of may.

If I were Tesla, I would not show any production interior shots before all contracts with third party suppliers are closed and quantity, quality and time of delivery is assured. This forum is full of people howling "oh no, they changed the button shape for the reverse gear, I will drop my reservation!"

The nice thing about the prototypes is the versatility of statements. Image you approach the sales rep, stating "I like the looks of feature XY". Answer: "Yes, the production model will be awesome".
OTOH, stating "O don't like how ABC looks/feels/smells". Answer would be "Don't worry, this is a prototype, there will be lot's of changes in the production model".

To be fair, no other car company has improved it's cars according to customer feedback as Tesla has done with the Roadster.

Ramon123 | July 31, 2011

Recent statements by several Tesla biggies indicates no obstacles
to planned mid 2012 rollout. It's getting pretty flaky when someone assumes that "missing" photos of a rear seat become
evidence of a missed deadline. And I thought reading tea leaves was a waste of time.

Designtime | July 31, 2011

I think that Tesla's inconsistent communication style has led to some people's skeptism about their ability to deliver on time.

It is a predictibable response: "If they can't even do a little Q&A when they say, how are they going to deliver an entire car?"

Fair or not, it was bound to happen. If I were a shareholder I would be disappointed. It is so easy to do PR to people who are already supporters. They could have publicly changed things over and over again if done correctly. People appreciate thinking that they are part of the process.

Ad van der Meer | July 31, 2011

I think Tesla has been too open in their communications. They have shown far more of their R&D than GM has show in their 100 year lifetime probably causing some people to expect more than is reasonable.

We have seen the prototype and it's currently being shown all over the US.

We've seen video of Rawlinson (or whatever his name is) showing and explaining details on the Alpha prototype. They have let journalists in and shown them these cars. We have seen more than a few pictures from inside the workshop.

Come on folks, I know it's a long wait and sometimes I wish I could hibernate until my Model S gets here, but get real! Tesla will not give out information out every week and maybe sometimes not even every month. There is probably information they cannot give as it is not final yet and there is information they are not allowed to give as they are a publicly traded company.

My guess is that the next moment of communication will on or short after the day the 2nd quarter results are published.

Designtime | July 31, 2011

I disagree strongly. They haven't been too open, they have been too inconsistent. They set an expecation for people, and then didn't live up to it.

If you are going to be tight-lipped that is fine. Just start out that way. Don't start by giving lots of incremental pieces of information and then clam up.

Exciting the enthusiasts is easy. They will not have trouble selling the Model S when it launches. What they are missing out on is the evangelizing that they could be getting from the early adopters.

Ad van der Meer | August 1, 2011

What can I say? You apparently know that they have information on the final product that they are purposely keeping from us for other reasons than legal.
I am sure you have some inside information on area 51 too.
Sigh... #Out!

Brian H | August 1, 2011

Actually, Area 51 is where the real Model S designers live ...
You heard it here first!

Designtime | August 1, 2011

Nice strawman argument. I never said anything about releasing technical or design details. I am talking about communication.

PR is not really that hard. Apple is the king of that, and they don't release any technical details. The NFL is another great example. They know the fans crave information so they mandate that players and coaches are available. They don't really say much beyond platitudes, but everyone is happy. The NFL knows that it works.

jaw2011 | August 1, 2011

All I know, after seeing the Alpha yesterday in Charlotte, NC, is it needs another cup holder in front!! What's up with only one? Really?! <:)

Come on - priorities people!!

Designtime | August 1, 2011

I wouldn't mind one of those expandable ones for my giant slurpees even though my wife doesn't really let me have them anymore.

mwu | August 1, 2011

I don't know if the back has any or not, but it'd be nice if it did.

Brian H | August 3, 2011

Sounds like a market for a cup-holder expander (fits in existing spot, but has 2+ cup-holes sticking up). ;)