Interior Build Quality

Interior Build Quality

Just did my test drive and noticed on that on several places, the headliner was separating from the edges. One particular bad area was by the pano roof. Also, the leather on the driver's side seat and pillar were worn down.

It's a little disconcerting. I wonder if these types of things are covered by the warranty or classified as wear and tear. I would think the headliner would be covered but the worn leather would not be.

Any owners have these problems or any other interior quality issues?

ylyubarsky | December 5, 2012

I can agree with you. Leather quality is far from the price of the car. I think TM should upgrade leather quality.

mrspaghetti | December 5, 2012

Test drive vehicles are not generally production quality. Many if not all of them were beta cars.

jinglehyme | December 5, 2012

When I took delivery yesterday, I noticed that part of the headliner was frayed along the edges next to the pano roof on the driver's side. I told the delivery specialist that I was concerned. Was told that he would notify someone. I haven't anything yet. Also, there was some condensation in the two lenses on either side of the rear license plate area. That can't be normal. Concerned about that too. Otherwise - a very fine car indeed!

sagebrushnw | December 5, 2012

The "B" post (and maybe "C" post) will be a high wear area because of design (continuation of door design into posts...not smooth) and the seats being located back of the posts, especially the front seats in their most "rear" position. For smaller people and the front seats in a more forward position, it won't be such a problem. I have noticed wear in those areas in several Beta and production cars that have been used in stores for demos. Wish the Model S designers would have thought of this problem before bringing the car to production. Overall, a beautiful car with a few design flaws...still want one.

ylyubarsky | December 15, 2012

What to hear a few comments from TM about leather quality compare to MB, BMW and Lexus. I am not talking about high end Bentley, Rolls Royce etc. These cars are too expensive to compare with. But MB BMW and Lexus top models S class 7-series and 460 have much softer and better quality leather than Tesla. It has to be addressed. When you are paying $ 75-105 K for a car, you should expect better quality leather.

Mel. | December 15, 2012

Yiyubarsky, now I have owned all 4 cars, and the leather in my Tesla is far superior to the other three

Mel. | December 15, 2012

BMW came in 2nd

dborn | December 15, 2012

@ jinglehyme:- I doubt that Elon is still "walking the line". Maybe he ought to be, seeing the comments in regard to the headliner. That is VERY definitely not acceptable. I would contact headquarters yourself and not wait for your delivery specialist, who doubtless is running off his feet with the rate of car deliveries right now..

lajollan | December 16, 2012


I will buy your Model S from you. $4,500! :) How 'bout it, John?