Investments to take advantage of shift to EV's

Investments to take advantage of shift to EV's

Hi guys,
I, like many others here on this forum no doubt, believe that the eventual shift from ICE vehicles to EV's is inevitable and only a matter of time now.
Tesla and SolarCity are already a decent part of my investment portfolio but I was wondering if we might all pool together here to use our collective knowledge of EV's and EV related tech to help each other make wise investments in other companies that stand to benefit from the EV "tide rising" so to speak?

To keep posts from being too long let's just start with two or three of your favorite picks besides Tesla and SolarCity, explain why you think they are good value and allow people to do their own research based on that.

I guess I should go first.
As I am from New Zealand I have better access to the Australian stock market than US so I am thinking about:

1. GXY - Galaxy Resources Limited - an Aussie lithium miner with lithium carbonate (for battery use) refinery in China. Accident at refinery recently has brought stock to its knees along with some financial difficulties. If lithium demand rises exponentially in the next few years though I would imagine this stock could move north quite quickly. Very speculative as just a penny stock.

2. LYC - Lynas Corp - An Aussie rare earths miner and refiner with a new state of the art facility in Malaysia (largest in world outside of China). Unfortunately they have had some issues with the Malaysian government with permits so had to delay opening their new facility. This has hurt the share price. All issues seem to be cleared up now so may be a good time to buy. Rare earths are needed for many electronic devices. In addition to the increased adoption of EV's I see our world getting only more digital and more proliferated with electronic devices. Especially as Asia, India, and other developing nations advance rapidly. There is nothing really wrong with rare earths..they got a bad wrap awhile ago because China was looking to restrict supply as they are the world's biggest supplier. I like Lynas because they have an Australian resource (richest known deposit in the world) and refine in relatively friendly Malaysia. They own the product from mine to market so should have good profit margins too.

I also follow Kandi (Chinese small car EV producer) and BYD (Warren Buffet's EV baby in China).

I also think there must be opportunities in electric motor manufactures, electric cable manufactures, utility companies, etc.
Not too big a fan of battery companies or charging companies... as who can really pick who will come up with the magic battery (they all claim to have the secret sauce after all) and I believe (after driving an EV for over 10 years) that the majority of all charging will be done at home in your garage, especially as range increases, meaning that charging companies may lose out as EV technology advances.
I do worry a bit about the lithium play as who knows if supercaps or something else will eventually disrupt here. I think lithium is probably the play though for the next 2-5 years perhaps.

Interested to hear what other companies you guys may think have potential!
Let's all profit from this beneficial move towards sustainable transportation!


Brian H | June 10, 2013

A bad wrap? Moldy pita bread?


teddyg | June 10, 2013

Thanks Brian...anything else to add? Or are you one of those guys.

SamO | June 10, 2013

One of those grammar/spelling guys.

Brian H | June 11, 2013

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Brian H | June 11, 2013

As for your appeal re: related companies, I think you may come up with slim pickings. Comparable technology and corporate exploitation seem to be thin on the ground.

There is a reason TESLA is out-performing -- a cluster of reasons, actually, which has few equals.