Ipads/Ipods and The X

Ipads/Ipods and The X

I just gave my deposit for a Sig X(Model #911) and was wondering what you've heard or if you have an S as far as connecting your iPad/iPod and the X. I've heard that you can connect but it won't be displayed on the Tesla's touchscreen. Does this mean I have to manually play the songs/play list on my device or is there will there be an upgrade to allow seamless play. I'm hoping with their newest hire from Apple to work on their engineering this will be incorporated into the car. I understand between satellite radio and Internet radio these devices become less necessary to hear your music, but I still like the option. Thoughts?

mjcoffey | November 11, 2013

It's my understanding that the Model S has Bluetooth audio capability which allows you to play your music from an iPad or iPhone through Bluetooth. This should also allow you to see the song listings as well. I haven't used an iPod in awhile so I don't know if the newer ones have Bluetooth or not.

primetime98 | November 12, 2013

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I have an older one (iPod Classic) so it doesn't have the Bluetooth. I guess I'll have to upgrade that as well.