Just 600 miles short-- Driver OK

Just 600 miles short-- Driver OK

Vawlkus | September 4, 2012

That sucks. I'll have ta look into the details later: I wanna know who was responsible for it.

Volker.Berlin | September 4, 2012

Apparently there was a car crash just ahead of the Roadster. And apparently they are trying to fix it and complete the tour nevertheless...

ggr | September 4, 2012

If I was in Germany (which unfortunately I'm not) I'd lend him parts off my roadster long enough to get him finished. I hope he can still win.

Brian H | September 4, 2012

TM put 5 techs on it full-time! Up to the painting stage now. He had about a 10-day lead on the French team, so should make it!!

Brian H | September 4, 2012
ArieK | September 4, 2012

I don't know how this would work on a forum like this but is it somehow possible to merge the thread below to this one?

Docrob | September 4, 2012

Can a fellow German roadster owner lend him their car and/or possibly join him on the last leg of the race?

Timo | September 5, 2012

x-posting here: Just tweeted that car will be ready at 17h (probably meaning 5pm german time) today. No weeks, just three days after the crash. Great job Tesla!!

Vawlkus | September 5, 2012

Like anyone doubted Tesla would be anything but awesome :P

Volker.Berlin | September 5, 2012

Tesla rocked the repair, the car is on the road again. Congrats Tesla, go Rafael De Mestre!!

olanmills | September 5, 2012

"Congrats Tesla, go* Rafael De Mestre!!"

But please, watch where you're going!

Brian H | September 5, 2012

Yes, avoid pile-ups at all costs! Be ready to levitate the car on a moment's notice!


Timo | September 6, 2012

No need to levitate if you just keep reaction time + distance to stop the car to car in front of you. Unfortunately people tend to drive closer to each other than that, and if you leave that gap there is someone trying to get to that space.

...resisting temptation to rant...succeed.

Alex K | September 6, 2012

In case you hadn't heard:
European Commission plans to make Autonomous Emergency Braking systems (AEBs) a mandatory requirement in all new vehicles on the Continent by 2014.

Hopefully we can get this in the US also

Rafael de Mestre | May 11, 2017

Some sort of late I got time to read your posts about me. Thank you for your kindness. Whereever I met a Tesla Owner he or she helped, the adventure was Kasakhstan but ok, I showed that it is possible.
I started the trip with the words to the press "everywhere where is light burning there I will be able to charge my car"

The trip got so much press and TV that I decided to make it become a series like "olympic technology games" coming up every 4 years. So 2016 I did it again starting with 11 international Teams and obviously 9 of them were driving a Tesla ;)

So I gave 2012 as the first ever drive with an electric standard car the name GENESIS and the second edition 2016 ELDURO, where 9 of 11 teams did it in 80 days and it's not surprising, this were all Teslas.

2020 I'm planning to make it even harder so the burning of oil will be also banned for the sea crossing. Acutally impossible but there are some developments on the way which could be ready in 2020.

So if you would like to invest 30 driving days to drive around the world you're welcome to visit the website and apply as team representing your nation for the third edition named ZERO.

Beside the normla category there is also a category autonomous driving around the world in case you dare to do it ;) Well 80edays is showing the limits of technology and surprises all watchers what is already possible.

Electrifying regards
Rafael de Mestre - accelerating EVolution