Just ordered my model s

Just ordered my model s

I just ordered my models s today with the following options:

19" Wheels
85 kWh Battery
Active Air Suspension
All Glass Panoramic Roof
Black Solid Paint
Obeche Wood Gloss Décor
Parcel Shelf
Tan Performance Interior
Tech Package

I plan to get aftermarket 21 " wheels and upgrade the audio system . Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. I'm not sure if the $950 audio upgrade is worth it as I heard you can get a much better quality system somewhere else.

Also does anyone think the parcel shelf is useful?


negarholger | July 19, 2013

Parcel shelf muffles the noise from the rear tires.

Tâm | July 19, 2013


"parcel shelf is useful?"

1) Privacy
2) Noise Reduction
3) Nice look

1) Extra cost.

herkimer | July 19, 2013

The "much better quality" system is ~$4000 dollars, installed.
The factory system is very nice for $950, installed.
Get what you want to pay for.

Captain_Zap | July 19, 2013

I have the parcel shelf. If it was not there I would not miss it.
Some like it for sound dampening.
It can hide whatever is under the hatch and it keeps things from looking cluttered. You could use your frunk instead to conceal things if that is a concern.

lolachampcar | July 20, 2013

Congrats and welcome to the club.....

As for wheels and tires -

cloroxbb | July 20, 2013

Remember, if you are SET on your configuration, you can "speed up" the process by 2 weeks if you call and tell them to waive the 2 week grace period for changes.

Also, congrats, I seriously cannot wait until I am in the same boat!!

Dripps | July 20, 2013

I ordered mine 7/18 and confirmed yesterday 7/19! This will be #2 as my husband drives a signature.

I got white, non-performance, 85.
Tech, sound, air suspension, parcel shelf, panoramic roof, 19" tires and black textile seats.
I originally wanted tan leather but after seeing the textile in person I actually preferred it!
We also ordered HPWC and I got the twin chargers..

Now that I've confirmed I'm very excited. I just have to sell my 2011 Lincoln MKZ hybrid.

JAFIC | July 20, 2013

Yes, please call them and tell them to waive off the grace period. Some of us here will tell you during that 2 weeks, colours, interior finishing (among others)were changed endlessly.

J.T. | July 20, 2013

I did things a little backwards. Once I was mentally ready, I ordered the car, THEN went to Roosevelt Field, NY for a test drive. The drive only confirmed every thing I already believed.
Mike, the manager of the store, asked if I wanted to waive the two week wait. I thought for a second and heard my wife say, "No, he really doesn't. Two extra weeks won't kill him."
Marry someone who knows you.
I went from a 60 kWh to an 85, sound to no sound, blue to white.

I LOVE the car the way it is. Love the white and feel the 85 is definitely worth the extra money for the range alone. Never much of an audiophile and now since the song storage has been eliminated and people aren't overwhelmed with the difference it was an easy decision I'm glad I had those two weeks to pore over every post I could find and avail myself of the opinions of this terrific community.

Give yourself two weeks and make sure. No decision is a wrong one but some can be more right than others.

AmpedRealtor | July 20, 2013

Unlike some of my peers here, I found the two week waiting period an essential part of the process! If it weren't for those two weeks, I would not have been able to change my mind about a thousand times! lol...

Dripps | July 20, 2013

@jtodtman It makes sense. I was trying to justify saving a bit of money by getting the 60kWh. Then I thought about long term and decided even if we only lose a little range as the car gets older, I'd feel restricted to where I could travel easily.

Since we already own a Model S and I've been configuring my car on and off for about a month, I think I had the options I wanted nailed down. I'm still not certain I need the air suspension but we have it in our existing car and my husband was convinced I'd miss it. I was leaning toward no sound because I've not been impressed with it (rear speakers don't work when Dolby is ON) but I know I'd miss XM. Crazy thing is we usually listen to Slacker when in the Model S.
Oh well, it's nice to be able to get it exactly as we want. The 2 week wait can be a smart safety to get that nailed down but now that we've decided, I don't want it to take any longer!
The end of August can't come soon enough!

AmpedRealtor | July 20, 2013

@, the Dolby system in the Model S is not designed for regular 2-channel audio (the majority of what you listen to). Dolby only works if there is surround channel data. So if you use Dolby for regular 2-channel stereo without Dolby encoded tracks, you will get little or not sound from the rear channels. It's a cinema Dolby system.

Unless your are playing Dolby encoded music, turning it off will give you better audio quality.

Dripps | July 20, 2013

@AmpedRealtor, thanks. I know that Dolby doesn't work for 2-channel audio (and you don't even have the option to switch it when the source doesn't work) but when listening to audio that should work with the Dolby, the sound from the rear speakers is very very very low. I'm moved it to rear only and can bearly hear. The service tech told me it's known issue.

Captain_Zap | July 20, 2013


Dolby doesn't work with surround either. I tried.
I have a load of surround sound music.

ir | July 20, 2013

The fine print says Dolby ProLogic 7.1. That means it is extrapolating 7.1 where there was none. Kinda defeated the purpose, so I saved myself the cost. | June 26, 2014

I just ordered mine yesterday.

Tan Interior
Obeche Wood Gloss
Pano Roof
85 kWh
Tech Package
Parking Sensors
Ultra Hi Fi System (hardest decision)
Alcantara Headliner and Dash
Parcel Shelf

Originally I was going to go with the duel charger but I'll be charging almost exclusively at stations that won't use it, i.e.; Supercharger stations and house with solar panels and a 14-50 plug.

My brother just ordered an Audi Q5 and both cars are due in September. I challenged him to a race when we get our cars. He's 67 and I'm 72 so we we'll probably have a race limit at say around 50MPH.

Brian H | June 27, 2014

It only works if you both have "duel" chargers.

J.T. | June 27, 2014

Or if one of them has six fingers on his right hand.