Just reserved #1275 in Canada

Just reserved #1275 in Canada

Surprising that the number is soo low in Canada imo

vandacca | August 7, 2015

@Vincent.Taylor, you should post your reservation in the following thread:

Thats where they keep track of reservation numbers.

And I agree, Canada has significantly lower reservations than the U.S., but it is only 1/10 of population, so maybe its expected.

doubeld | August 7, 2015

Colder temps, lower Canadian Dollar, less affluence, fewer Superchargers per vehicle sale/square mile (a guess) all play a part in lower EV/Tesla sales in Canada. Once Canadian ownership reaches critical mass for visibilty, I suspect sales will start getting closer to 1/10th US numbers. | August 8, 2015

@Vincent: we pulled some strings to get you that number. Have your money ready by October


vincent.taylor | August 8, 2015

If I was ready to buy today could you bump me further? ;)