LA to San Diego

LA to San Diego

Am driving LA to San Diego next month....
Going down not a problem.
Don't see any superchargers on the way or in SD yet..

Any suggestions??

SamO | September 9, 2013

LA - SD 135 miles
SD - Hawthorne 122 miles

Superchargers planned for San Juan Capistrano, CA

ranikakar | September 9, 2013

I've done this trip twice now. Although there are no superchargers (yet), I was allowed to charge at the Tesla service center each time. They were really nice...just keep checking your Tesla app while its charging because someone disconnected the cable once without knowing.
There is also a Tesla center at the Village Towne Center Mall.

stevenmaifert | September 9, 2013

Superchargers are meant to facilitate travel to a destination, not provide destination charging. There are well over 100 public L2 chargers in the greater San Diego. Depending on where you are going and how long you will be here, you should be able to pick up enough charge to make it back to LA without any range angst. Check PlugShare and Recargo for L2 chargers near your SD destination.

pvetesla | September 9, 2013

Made it with my MS 40. Lots of Blinks out there too.
The only problem would be doing a roundtrip LA-SAN in 1 day.

skulleyb | September 9, 2013

If you look on recargo or plugshare you will find plenty of public chargers in SD.
Enjoy your trip.

shop | September 9, 2013

One day trip? 85 or 60? What mileage are you expecting?

I've done the North San Diego to Hawthorne trip, and found that I could have done it there and back, just, in one charge, without being careful how I drove.

You might be lucky and the SJC supercharger might be online, but there was no construction at the purported location a week ago.

jnb | September 9, 2013

I drive from LA to SD regularly for just the day for work. i have an 85, fully charge before i leave, charge for four hours while i am down there, and then drive back no problem. usually have 50 mi + when i return. as other said, get a blink and a charge point card and you should be able to find a charger relatively close to where you are going.

SCCRENDO | September 9, 2013

Have a meeting next week at a restaurant in La Jolla near the Tesla store. Will be coming from OC to San Bernardino area to home. Should be about 40 plus 108 plus 80 miles = 228 miles. Called the Tesla store and their charger is down (not sure how long.) Have a MS85 but would like to get a couple hrs charge through dinner to reduce range anxiety. Will max charge before I leave home. Anyone have experience with the Costa Verde mall chargers as Plugshare has complaints about them being frequently ICED. if so what are close options?

sharpe222 | September 9, 2013

I'm surprised the SJC is so behind schedule,it's the last one needed to complete a basic California network.

celtrog | September 9, 2013

Thnaks to all...
I have 85..
will drive down in early Oct stay overnight and home next day...

will not count on SJC...

Will check out recargo and blink...

also will check out the Tesla store