LA Test Drive Review...

LA Test Drive Review...

I just got back from test-driving one of the red Signature-Performance versions (w/ pano roof), and all I can say is... Unbelievable!

It’s like driving an almost perfectly silent and super comfortable F1 Racer! It was the first time in my life I was actually given permission by highway patrol to ‘FLOOR-IT’ (on a city street , none-the-less).

0-60 in 4.4 seconds with no effort what-so-ever! I took it to almost 90 MPH and over RR tracks, uneven pavement, and poor road-surfaces, and it was completely stable and comfortable all the way (no jerking, no lag to speed, and no sound). It’s pure-instant-torque on command at any given moment. It almost gives you the feeling that you can look ahead at any open pocket in traffic 200 yards away, and in a blink you are there (it really took my brain a bit to comprehend what this car was doing).

It corners like an F1 racer as well, not even a tire chirp on a curved freeway on-ramp at almost 60 MPH!

As for the re-gen off the accelerator (at full), I actually liked it better than coasting in an ICE car! Very little hard breaking ever needed (which will add years to your break-pads).

I got to say, this was the MOST fun I have ever had test-driving anything in my life!

BYT | June 30, 2012

Your experience just put a smile on my face! Thanks for sharing Tiki!!

TikiMan | June 30, 2012


The only person that won't like this car, is an oil company exutive ;-)

TikiMan | June 30, 2012

... make that 'executive' .

BYT | June 30, 2012

That oil executive will need a laxitive! ;)

GeorgeA | June 30, 2012

My test drive couple years ago in the Roadster was amazing also with similar positive comments TikiMan made. Telsa has made numerous advancements / improvements since then for the S Model. That said, I cannot wait to own / drive my new S Model!

Capt601 | June 30, 2012

I was in a standard version today and it was limited to 80. Got to 80 on the 105 and it would not go any faster. Copilot said it was computer limited for the event. Surprised you got it to 90.

Brian H | July 1, 2012

Maybe they got flooded with so many tickets (waiting to be forwarded to the guilty drivers) from the Fremont event they decided limiting in LA was the better part of valor! ;)

Tesla229 | July 1, 2012


I agree completely. Test drive in the 1:00-2:00PM time slot. I must say it's the first time I ever had a traffic officer take a picture of me without intending to use it in court as evidence!

It was the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

My one and only disappointment - I'm production #229 (Sig-Perf) and was told by my "Co-pilot" that I could expect delivery by late August-early September. I was somewhat disappointed, having hoped for delivery within the next couple of weeks, but after waiting for 2 years already and having driven this magnificent piece of work, I must say it's definitely worth the wait. Hope this helps some of you estimate your delivery timeframe.....

TikiMan | July 1, 2012


Yes, I likely saw you, I was near that same slot also! That last run was amazing! I was telling my wife, the Tesla felt like a huge magnet was pulling us, verses what our 300 HP infiniti G37 feels like... A bull pushing us from a dead stop.

There is no momentum build-up in the Tesla, it just happens when you want it.


I asked early on that I needed to know if this car can rock, before I buy it, and specifically asked for a peformance sig version to test. I don't think Tesla wanted to overly limit those of us that plan on spending in excess of $110k for a pef sig. Also, it was just me and my wife (no kids), and my co-pilot wanted me to know what the car could do.

Disclamer: Please NOTE| I have been driving very FAST sports cars for half my life, and have also driven on professional racetracks at over 190 MPH in small light cars with over 450 HP, so with that said, I don't suggest everyone test this car like I did, by any means. This car is REALLY powerful, and if you drive it mellow it is the safest most stable car you will ever drive, and if you don't know how to handle a super powerful vehicle, take it easy, and test it as you would any car, based on your needs. Also note: I have already spent a lot of time sitting in the showroom betas, so I deliberately didn't spend any time looking at the 17" touch screen during my test drive (other than asking to hear the sound system). I spend my entire test drive with my eyes on the road, and the tachometer.

TikiMan | July 1, 2012

BTW... One thing that kind of threw me off in the beginning were the two left-side stalk controls. The cruse control stalk is closer to where most of us typically have our turn-signal stalk, and the turn-signal stalk is just below it (a bit lower than most current ICE cars). When I first started driving, I was hitting the cruse-control stalk when changing lanes, and asked my co-pilot why it didn't lock down when making stopped turn.

It didn't bug me after I realized what was what... just different.

As for the right side drive-control stalk; It was fairly simple to operate, and works much like a wiper-control with a bit more solid feel to it. You push the tip to put it in park, and turn on the e-break, and then down to drive, neutral, and up to put it in reverse. The front dash screen clearly shows what mode you are in as you move it (fairly easy).

Brian H | July 1, 2012

Sounds like you empathize with DougG's "It's not passing, it's teleportation!" motto. ;) Suddenly at passing speed, instantly back to traffic flow speed, but in front instead of behind.

teslaisfuture | August 20, 2012

My experience of the test drive just one word to sum up – fantasTASLAtic (new word invented by me, means “fantastic Tesla”)

Brian H | August 20, 2012

Hm. FanTESLAtic? ;)

olanmills | August 24, 2012

Let's hope that you never work for Tesla market ;)

olanmills | August 24, 2012


Mporter | September 19, 2012

@olanmills, seems like you made the same typo... funny how you made fun of others when you also made a mistake, it's just pathetic.