Last Minute Order Change

Last Minute Order Change

I thought I was set. I would have sent my order to the factory an hour after my test drive, 2 hours after placing my reservation. I was sure. Then about 300 hours of reading the forum brought me to these changes: Original was white, tan, piano, 19", panoramic, tech, stereo, air, 60, supercharging. Got my email asking for any changes and decided against the stereo (don't use XM now, never paid extra for a sound system before,) upped it to the 85kw. Wanted the range and with the included supercharging and dropping the sound it was $7000 more for 30% more range and a bit more power. I'm all set now . . . one day left . . . yeah, I think I'm all set now . . .

ddruz | May 10, 2013

@jtodtman, A couple thoughts for your consideration:

Since you are getting the piano decor already, have you considered the textile seats to save another $1500 towards your 85kWh upgrade? The driver profile memory is now a part of the tech package and the textile seats come heated and with 12 way adjustment. So you would not be losing any functionality.

Also, do you really need the air suspension? Steep driveways? Lots of snow? If not, note that reports of standard suspension have all been very positive and the air suspension reliability / repairs many years down the road are an unknown. You could save another $1500 towards your battery upgrade.

J.T. | May 10, 2013

@ddruz The leather is more for my wife and looking towards resale (plus I've always wanted a white "sports" car with tan leather, never had one) The air IS for my driveway (my wife's A6 bottoms out if she doesn't take care) and I live in the Northeast (snow). I appreciate the feedback.

Cattledog | May 10, 2013

You're good. Relax. Anticipate. Enjoy!