Length of time to decide final configuration

Length of time to decide final configuration

Just received the email stating I can design my MX. Has anyone heard if there is an expiration date on the email? Seems to be open ended with respect to responding

aljjr2 | December 8, 2015

There appears to be no limit on when you can Configure your X once invited to design (although I would imagine not years). After you design and order, you have 7 days to make changes. The configuration goes final after that 7 day period and your order can't be cancelled and the reservation deposit is no longer refundable. After the 7 day period the order can't be changed (without a $500 fee, if possible prior to going to production). Changes may not be possible, depending on timing.

Should you not order, the process for others continues--Tesla has to continue the build process based on confirmed orders.

There are understandably some wish to wait the arrival in showrooms before confirming a configured order. They don't loose their place per se', but those who ordered in the days or months prior will continue in the production process.

For example: I confirmed my order today. It will go to production planning in 7 days. Say another person who has been invited at the same time (based on date of reservation), decides not to configure until February of 2016 awaiting Model X in a showroom. My order is not held in "limbo", it continues to Tesla Production process for the particular Model. When the other finally decide to configure, their order will be place in the process at that time.

pvetesla | December 8, 2015

Hmmm. I don't know about that.
When I ordered my MS I didn't confirm for a while. I got it sooner than expected and seemed to be more in line to when I actually reserved the car not finalized it.

Pbfoot | December 8, 2015

Since it's going to be a long while before the 90D's are delivered, my guess is that configuring earlier vs waiting to see them in showrooms isn't going to make much difference for those. They're still going to be backlogged well beyond when people will be able to see and touch a showroom model. I spoke to my local store and they were expecting to get one at end of this month or early January. My wife and I are going to sit in it before deciding on how many seats (6 vs 7); I'm sure we'll be configuring before February but probably still won't get the car until at July/August.

If you're ordering a P90D, it might be different, since they go to production sooner.

jackbitton | December 9, 2015

once you press order, you have 7 days to commit to the car and make changes. if you want to wait it out at that point, you have to cancel your order all together and lose your place in line
don't press order unless you know for sure you want the car
i did and now losing my place in line
total sham

Red Sage ca us | December 9, 2015

Of course, once you touch it, examine it, test drive it, you'll just want your own that much more...