Let's Talk Batteries

Let's Talk Batteries

One of the most interesting topics when it comes to electric cars revolves around the batteries themselves. I feel this tends to get far less attention, but it seems to be the most important (and interesting) component of all. The batteries are close to everything, and getting the right energy density/cost mix will determine the future pace at which electric cars pick up steam.

So what is the current state of the state regarding battery tech? Does Tesla plan to drive the costs of their future 3rd gen car down by volume production with that elusively located Giga Factory? Or will the cost reductions come in the form of a mixture of greater production and better densities/efficiency?

I just read an article about a more down to earth breakthrough in battery densities using sponge like silicon. They report that they can essentially double the battery capacity with this new technique.

Sounds promising, but then such reports always do.