A list of issues after 100 miles with my new Model S

A list of issues after 100 miles with my new Model S

After having spent untold hours on these and other forums, mostly with excitement but I admit with a little bit of worry about what might go wrong, I picked up my car at 9am yesterday and promptly put 100 miles on it on the first day. Just, you know, to shake it out and test everything. I did a combination of city, freeway and mountain driving in 40 degree weather with occasional light rain. I also went to several charging stations to try them out. Tested out parallel parking, garage parking, etc. And I scraped my right rear rim turning too close to the curb on a right turn, and I'm glad to have that first scratch out of the way.

After all of that, here's my list of all issues, in order of importance:

1) I can't fit my USB jumpdrive into the left USB port; the right USB port fits fine. The plastic surrounding the port is either too small or misaligned.

2) The front license plate bracket was on (I requested it not to be installed). My DS pointed it out before I even noticed it at the service center and will replace my nose cone, for free, next time I stop by.

3) At the service center they were out of "Zero Emissions" license plate signs that you can put on the car until your permanent plate arrives. They're really cool, so I hope they have them in when I get my new nosecone.

4) I'm experiencing an uncontrollable urge to drive this car. All the time. I believe it will have an impact on my productivity for the forseeable future.

5) The muscles surrounding my mouth are sore from all the laughing and smiling I did yesterday.

6) The service center didn't have a box of brochures for me to hand out to everyone who has been staring, walking up to me, congratulating me on the car and giving me thumbs up everywhere I drive.

7?) One of the five charging stations I tried (the Level 2 Shorepower station at OMSI) won't charge my car; I will bring that up in another thread. All the other stations I tried worked fine, so I think the charger is faulty.

And.. That's the sum total of issues. Everything else in the car works perfectly. Perfectly. Homelink pairing, pano roof, door handles, doors closing, bluetooth pairing, iPhone app.... every. single. thing. After driving on an empty windy mountain road with fresh asphalt I have no words for how fun it is to drive this car.

Thanks to the community here and on teslamotorsclub I felt like I had a complete handle on what could possibly go wrong with my car. I printed out the delivery checklist that everyone has collaborated on and it was quite helpful in making sure I covered every single issue -- we took close to two hours going over the car at the service center.

Yes, I'm looking forward to WiFi, lighted mirrors, the onboard file storage enabled, an app store, other promises and and ongoing software improvements. In particular I think the traction control is a little too early and too firm, and the windshield wipers for the Pacific Northwest are probably going to be a little slow.

But my Model S is not just the best car, it's the most incredible piece of technology I have ever owned. Like all of you that have driven it, I'll never look at a car the same way, same way I felt when I used a iPhone for the first time about phones.

My DS Cieran Doyle at the Portland service center is a superstar, as is John Stocklin at HQ, Maria, Emily and Julia at the Washington Square store; really everyone I've met at Tesla, including the factory workers and George Blankenship.

Thank you, Tesla.

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xenogeek | February 10, 2013

Totally agree with #4 and #5. I think all Tesla owners are having to deal with those "issues".

prash.saka | February 10, 2013

#4 hahaha.

nickjhowe | February 10, 2013

Re #6 - I grabbed a few brochures last time I was in the store. I've found the only place they'll fit and not slide everywhere is under the drivers seat. I've handed a few out already.

brdunton | February 10, 2013

I personally love it when a BMW or sorts pulls up and "thinks" he is going to be looking at you in his rear view. The look on your face as you "launch" by is well #4 &#5! Congrats on your game changer!

robert27 | February 10, 2013

I couldnt agree more. I'm at 3000 miles and still feel as if I picked it up last week. I am also thinking this will be a cure those with "low T"

mpottinger | February 10, 2013

A reassuring post. Can't wait for my delivery.

Robert22 | February 10, 2013

To borrow from another poster, everyday I drive it like I stole it :)

Brian H | February 11, 2013

That's "every day". And I bet you don't park it like you stole it! (See: curb rash.) :p ;)

LK | February 11, 2013

Ha! "Cure for low T." Classic!

GoTeslaChicago | February 11, 2013

Regarding #6, I'm on my 3rd bundle.