Little Devil inside

Little Devil inside

Does anyone secretly wish that gas prices would sky rocket (and make our purchases that more satisfying). I'm just saying.

richard_lawson | July 7, 2013

No. I am uninterested in another recession at this time.

negarholger | July 7, 2013

Higher gas prices mean your food cost will go up - interested ?

Brian H | July 7, 2013

Your Little Devil is intending all sorts of Unintended Consequences, it seems! That's what Devils are good at, of course.

JAFIC | July 8, 2013

Don't worry. Price of oil will go up. That's an almost guaranteed.

J.T. | July 8, 2013

And it will go down again. Also guaranteed.

mikefa | July 8, 2013

Gas prices will likely to stay the same or perhaps drop significantly within the next 2-3 because the US is now producing more oil than ever before due to new technology such as fracking. But to answer your question, i would have to say No because soaring gas prices will hurt more people than benefit existing EV customers... it would be more beneficial if Tesla could make their electric cars more affordable so that more people can get one, then the gas price fluctuations would be a none issue for people who rely on their cars to make a living.

cfOH | July 8, 2013

This got me wondering whether or not gas prices would have an effect on TSLA share prices.

So, I just did a regression on TSLA closes vs weekly gas prices for the 2-year period before the recent run-up in share price and there was zero relationship. Gas price had no effect, either coincident or leading, on TSLA.

Now, there could be a nonlinear relationship once you start getting into significantly higher gas prices than we've had the past 2 years, but the data won't tell us that.

HenryT2 | July 8, 2013

I think a slow run up on gas to $7 or 8 a gallon would help ween the country off of its dependency on fossil fuels. And, I'd feel even better (if that's possible) about my Model S.

AmpedRealtor | July 8, 2013

+1 @ Kleist - and not just food, but all goods and products that have to be shipped using our roadways. There are a lot of families living paycheck to paycheck who would suffer from gas prices going up and who do not have the ability to buy an $80,000+ EV. So no, imagining gas prices going through the roof, at least for me, also means imagining the increased suffering such a rise would cause.

NomoDinos | July 8, 2013

@ cleaveland freaking Ohio - I'll bet that once Tesla owns more of a market share of the total car industry, there will be a closer relationship between the prices.