Long Beach to King City (Wherever that is?) 580 roundrip/one day-secret road playground

Long Beach to King City (Wherever that is?) 580 roundrip/one day-secret road playground

My job required me to go to King City which is 280 miles from my office, 290 from home. I fully charged (267) and started out at 4:30 a.m. I kept the cruise control on 65 and wound up at the top of the grapevine with 147 miles left. When I hit the bottom I had covered about 10 miles and had 150 miles showing. I reached Harris Ranch with 17 miles. My Nav system said that Harris was 217 miles from me so I should have had (ideally) 50 extra miles. Considering the speed and conditions, losing 33 miles was more than acceptable. The Harris Ranch chargers are not yet working, but at 7:50 there was no one there, so I charged and ate breakfast. I had a choice of Subway (right next to the charger) or the Harris Ranch restaurant. Since I had a couple of cups of coffee to start the trip, I needed the restroom more than breakfast and opted for the opulent Harris Ranch. For some reason, Harris Ranch is beautiful. The restrooms look like those in an expensive resort. The Subway restroom is perfectly fine, but if you need to stay more than a minute, go across the street.

I left Harris with 208 miles to get to King City 72 miles away. I figured I would go, attend to my business and return, charge and go back to Long Beach. The best laid plans...... The Harris Ranch charger is really at the corner of the 5 and the 198. If you take 198 West for 72 miles you wind up in King City. There's nothing there, but it's worth the trip. The road is freshly paved for the most part and they're working on the rest. It goes up and down and round and round. The scenery is beautiful and there are plenty of curves that try and slow you down to 25 or 30. If you take them at 50 life gets interesting. I have an Audi TT and a house in Temecula so I traverse the Ortega Hwy for fun. This road is about as good, a bit longer, more scenic and virtually untraveled. I'm not sure how the passengers would take it, but as I was alone, I pressed the car and it handled beautifully. I looked forward to the trip back.

The navigation system didn't. I went on 198 until I was about 10 miles from Harris and then the Nav told me to make a turn which I did. I'm a married man and I'm used to following directions. I wound up south of Harris by 9 miles and had to backtrack. When I got to the charging station there was a car there so I pulled up to the roadster charger which gives you 20 mph, and is tricky to use. The guy who was in the supercharger spot's car looked very familiar. Turns out it is a guy who has a house on the next block from me. Small world. I let a guy on his way to SF take the supercharger as I was in no hurry to return. I filled up at Subway and left with 267. I made it to the Hawthorne supercharger with 40 miles to spare driving normally.

There was a convention at the Hawthorne S/C. A guy who had his car for three hours showed up along with a guy who was the old timer of the group with a December delivery. A man and his son were down from Palo Alto on their first road trip. A guy from Huntington Beach with every option was charging. We all chatted about our experience. I imagine when I die and go to Heaven the group sessions will be like this.

info | April 6, 2013

Correction: The Harris Ranch supercharge is working but the new one's, although there, are not operational as of Thursday, 4/4/13. I'm told they should be up next week.

celtrog | April 6, 2013

I don't understand.
If the Harris Ranchbchaegerscare not yet working how did
You Harte?

celtrog | April 6, 2013

sorry for sloppy typing;
If the Harris Ranch chargers were not working how did you recharge?

Earl and Nagin ... | April 6, 2013

The other secret road playground from Harris Ranch is CA 25 which turns off of 198 and heads north to the Bay Area. It is a very scenic drive through quiet farmland on the east side of the coast range.
I used to use this with my Roadster before putting in the Harris Ranch charging station, when RV parks were the only option. I could safely and enjoyably drive 40 mph on this road which actually sped up my drive between LA and the Bay Area.

Brian H | April 6, 2013

The original one works; the new ones aren't plugged in to the grid yet.